Treasure Quest exclusive: Team find a coin and a promising lead

On tonight’s exciting Treasure Quest, a possible big breakthrough is reached as our exclusive clip shows one of the team members finding what looks to be a coin of some sort as his metal detector goes wild inside a dangerous rocky cave.

Javier Cortes
Javier Cortes works with the team and offers his local knowledge of the Andes and caves to help them find the treasure

On the episode, “Blast Away,” we find ourselves drawn inside a dark cave as falling boulders and precipitous paths that could be hiding a hole where the miners could actually fall to their death await, and the payoff looks to be extremely promising.

Rocks hanging by a thread threaten the crew as Javier Cortes is seen in our clip carefully making his way through the dark as the signals all point to one area that is making the meter ping off the hook.

The imminent threat? A massive landslide burying Javier alive.

Holding a coin up close, Javier radios to the team to come and investigate.

Javier finds what looks to be a coin
Javier finds what looks to be a coin

Our man Cortes is a local Bolivian fixer, exporter, and miner with years of experience in the looming peaks of the Andes, and he adds a great deal of experience to this ambitious expedition.

An expert in recovery and geological exploration, Javier comes from a family of miners and also studied geology and mining in school.

The spot that sends Javier's metal detector into overdrive
The spot that sends Javier’s metal detector into overdrive

On tonight’s episode, the official description notes that “Shawn and Jeremy recover their first piece of Jesuit gold and a mysterious artifact that could bring them to a real find.”

The team behind Discovery series latest season of Treasure Quest is led by treasure-hunter Shawn Cowles, tech expert Jeremy Whalen, and demolitions man Jack Peters, who are joined by local expert Javier Cortes, who is featured in our clip.

Their collective goal is to find the famous Sacambaya treasure in Bolivia, as this elusive treasure is estimated to be worth upwards of $2 billion in today’s money.

Cortes joins Whalen and the team who are mining this underground tunnel putting all sorts of risks aside to get to the treasure. Using metal detectors and a remote-controlled camera, their end goal is to find significant treasure and stay alive while doing so.

Watch our exclusive clip below, which shows Javier finding what looks to be a coin in the build-up to more artifacts uncovered. But what else will they find?

Tune in:

Treasure Quest airs Friday, 9 pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel

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