Exclusive: Discovery’s Treasure Quest team discover artifact as they close in on estimated $2billion fortune

Jeremy Whalen on Treasure Quest
Jeremy Whalen on Treasure Quest. Pic credit: Discovery

The team behind Discovery series Treasure Quest tonight close in on the estimated $2billion fortune they believe is lying somewhere in Bolivia’s Sacambaya Valley.

The latest episode sees them chasing the treasure on two different fronts. On one, evidence is uncovered which reveals a route that was likely used to transport the haul.

Meanwhile, a Jesuit artifact is also discovered which could prove to be key in locating where the legendary Sacambaya Treasure ended up.

Jeremy Whalen on Treasure Quest
Jeremy Whalen after the discovery on this week’s Treasure Quest. Pic credit: Discovery

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive sneak peek, team members Jeremy Whalen and Jack Peters use a metal-detector to search a dry river bed for clues.

It only takes moments before Whalen picks up something on his device. After digging into the debris using a shovel and pick-axe, they uncover an artifact buried in the dirt.

Jeremy says: “Do you know what this means? We’re on the right path.”

The identity of the artifact will be revealed on tonight’s episode. But what will it be?

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel, and is also available to watch live or catch up on Discovery Go.

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