‘You can fit $2billion in a tunnel that size’: Discovery’s Treasure Quest team in huge breakthrough

Shawn Cowles on Treasure Quest
Shawn Cowles talks about finding the tunnel on Treasure Quest. Pic credit: Discovery

Watch an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode of Treasure Quest on Discovery — as the team find a huge underground tunnel which they believe could hold the $2billion treasure they are hunting for.

The tunnel has no apparent entrance at the surface and can’t be seen without specialist kit, but after testing for it in various locations they finally hit a sweet spot with their scanner.

Separate equipment confirms the groundbreaking find, as it shows a visual image of exactly what the tunnel looks like underground — and it’s big.

Team member Shawn Cowles says: “That is huge, man. You can fit $2billion in a tunnel that size!”

During the episode, the team has to improvise and uses explosives to blast their way through to the location they believe holds the treasure.

They also make their biggest discovery of the season so far, and the uncovering of a key landmark puts them right on the threshold of uncovering the famous Sacambaya Treasure.

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9pm on Discovery Channel and is also available to watch live or catch up on Discovery Go.

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