Today’s Dylan Dreyer reveals injury after returning to NYC from work trip

nbc today dylan dreyer face shot during interview segment on nbc
Today’s Dylan Dreyer seemingly had an injury she revealed during a teaser video clip. Pic credit: NBC

Dylan Dreyer’s recent injury reveal may have sparked concern among fans following her return to New York City.

The Today meteorologist and on-air host contributed to NBC Sports’ coverage of the Royal Ascot event, including the Ascot Stakes horse race.

The popular event occurred earlier this month in the United Kingdom.

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Dylan departed the Today studios in NYC for the work assignment and the unique items she bought at a supermarket while away.

Upon her return to NYC, she returned to work, including co-hosting the Off The Rails show on Sirius XM.

A teaser for the new episode featured Dylan seemingly revealing a mysterious injury, though.

Dylan shows potential injury as fans react to teaser

Dylan shared the fun teaser video clip on her Instagram page for the latest Off The Rails episode earlier this week.

She and one of her co-hosts, Sheinelle Jones, promoted the new episode, with Dylan seeming nervous about what they’d discussed.

“My palms are sweating,” Dylan said, grinning at the clip’s start.

She sported a noticeable black brace on her hand and wrist in the video.

Sheinelle encouraged fans to trust her that they needed to listen to the new episode due to the topics.

“This is all Sheinelle. I’m just an innocent bystander,” Dylan said, laughing as she held up her hand, further revealing that the brace went around her thumb.

“Shake out the dirtiness! Shake it out!” Sheinelle said as she and Dylan humorously shook themselves before walking off camera.

Dylan shook herself, including the wrapped wrist and hand, which may have been a minor injury.

During the Off The Rails episode, the Today stars spoke about various things they did or didn’t do in their lives, including skinny dipping, shoplifting, and ditching school.

Dylan didn’t reveal what caused her injury. She said she couldn’t clap her hands during the podcast as she tried demonstrating part of a church song and dance she told Sheinelle about.

A fan showed concern about the injury in the Instagram comments for the show’s teaser clip, with others liking the comment.

“Dylan, what happened to your wrist?” the commenter asked, but Dylan has yet to reply as of this report.

“Some great dance moves girls. Hope you follow up with more videos soon…,” a commenter wrote.

screenshot of instagram comments about dylan dreyer off the rails show
Pic credit: @dylandreyernbc/Instagram

Another commented that they wanted to hear co-host Al Roker comment on what the women shared during the show since he wasn’t there with them for the episode.

Dylan reflected on her Royal Ascot trip

Dylan shared an Instagram carousel post featuring photos from this month’s Royal Ascot trip. The first few images included Dylan wearing a vivid red dress and matching hat for the event.

In her first photo, Dylan smiled for a photo as she stood before a gorgeous setting that included tents, flowers, flags, and decorations. A second features Dylan smiling again as she holds up a drink seemingly made with Slingsby Gin.

Additional photos show a drawn design concept for her unique hat and the final creation.

“Final look for Royal Ascot! What a lovely event…again the weather was beautiful, the people watching and the atmosphere were incredible, and the horse racing…well I didn’t get to see much of that! What a special time! 👒,” she captioned her post.

Dylan appeared without wrap in Today segments

Since returning to NYC, Dylan has appeared in various segments for Today, including an in-studio interview with singer Gracie Abrams.

Dylan wasn’t wearing the black brace during that segment, leaving it unclear what caused her injury and if she opted not to wear it during the show.

During Gracie’s outdoor performance, Dylan appeared on a small stage with co-stars Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Carson Daly, and Sheinelle.

In Today’s video clip on Instagram, Dylan again appears without the brace she wore in the Off The Rails teaser clip.

While she didn’t reveal the reason for her brace, she could have suffered a minor injury during her trip, playing golf, or other everyday activities.

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