Dylan Dreyer reveals whereabouts after leaving Today Show studios for major event

dylan dreyer face shot from nbc today show
Dylan Dreyer was missing from Today’s 3rd Hour earlier this week. Pic credit: NBC

Dylan Dreyer is a Today Show regular, appearing throughout the main program and later for Today’s 3rd Hour.

She’s worked at NBC News since 2012, sometimes replacing Al Roker as the Today meteorologist or filling in for other colleagues, including Carson Daly.

In addition to those duties, viewers have seen Dylan provide coverage of various events, including the Kentucky Derby, the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Due to her various appearances on NBC and its connected networks, she’s become a familiar face.

However, the popular meteorologist and on-air host missed the 3rd Hour program this week as she left the Today Show in New York City.

She had an excellent reason for leaving: traveling for a significant event she’d been involved with for several years.

Dylan reveals her whereabouts after leaving Today studio for a big event

NBC News meteorologist Dylan Dreyer appeared earlier this week for various parts of Today and 3rd Hour. That included her report on the country’s record-breaking and dangerously hot temperatures.

However, viewers likely noticed she was absent from Today’s 3rd Hour program on Wednesday, June 19.

She left NYC to cover the annual Royal Ascot, a famous horse race in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday, she shared an Instagram carousel post showing her media credentials badge and some colorful drawings of various hat designs.

“It’s that time of year when I feel like a royal! Coverage of Royal Ascot begins tomorrow with a preview on @todayshow! My hats are standing by…thank you @camhatsnyc for making me feel like a princess!!” she captioned her IG post.

Her colleague, NBC Sports’ Britney Eurton, also shared a Twitter post showing their outfits at the event.

“Too much fun over the years…. let’s do it all again this weekend!” Britney wrote.

According to a BBC report, Kyprios, the favorite to win, finished on top again. The win made Kyprios just the third horse in the history of the race to regain the title. 

This wasn’t Dylan’s first time at the Royal Ascot, as she’s covered the annual UK horse race since 2018.

Her latest appearance for the event arrives over a month after she covered the annual Kentucky Derby in the United States.

She showed fans and followers her outfits from the weekend’s races, including the famous Kentucky Oaks.

Dylan purchased special food items during her trip

In an earlier post this week, Dylan revealed she’d ventured to a grocery store in the United Kingdom. In a photo, she shared a look at her shopping cart, which included various gluten-free foods.

Among the items were multiple packs of gluten-free plain white flour, gluten-free Twix cookies, and gluten-free Nairs Oat Biscuit Breaks.

Based on her caption, she was pleased with the items she discovered, which may not be as readily available in the United States.

“Not sure I thought this through but the price was right!! And I found some fun foods! (And an adorable hand soap too!),” Dylan captioned her post.

Dylan also revealed her shopping receipt for 41.30 British Pounds Sterling. As of this writing, that would have been about $52.15 if she had bought them in the United States.

Most likely, Dylan spent her money well, as she transported the items back home for her family for an important reason. Last year, she opened up on Today about her son Calvin’s celiac disease, which meant he was constantly in pain.

It required Dylan and her husband, Brian Fchera, to educate themselves about the disease, which meant Calvin was sensitive to gluten. Dylan worked to switch up their diet and meal menu to feature gluten-free foods that Calvin could eat.

“I have been making so many gluten-free recipes. It seems to be paying off,” Dylan said.

“Now that I don’t eat gluten, I feel terrific,” Calvin shared in the Today Show segment.

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