Today’s Savannah Guthrie begs Steve Carrell for Anchorman 3 role

savannah guthrie during today in june 2024
Today’s Savannah Guthrie is intent on appearing in an Anchorman 3 role. Pic credit: NBC

During Steve Carrell’s appearance on Today, anchor Savannah Guthrie talked about many topics, including an iconic movie series.

Carrell has starred in countless popular and acclaimed films like Foxcatcher, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Big Short.

One of his recent roles is his return to voicing the villain Gru in the popular Despicable Me franchise, with the fourth film arriving in early July.

While Carrell discussed that on Today, Savannah mentioned another classic set of films: Anchorman and Anchorman 2.

Carrell appeared as a main character in both films, and Savannah said she was ready for a third one to happen.

She also pleaded with Carrell about getting an Anchorman 3 film role.

Savannah asked Carrell about Anchorman 3 and her potential role

During the recent Today episode, Savannah Guthrie interviewed Carrell about Despicable Me 4 and mentioned one of his other films.

“I think one of the most- a masterpiece of cinema: Anchorman,” Savannah said as Carrell immediately burst out laughing.

“Finally, finally! Somebody recognizes it.” Carrell replied.

“You thought I was gonna ask about The Office, didn’t you?” Savannah asked, with Carrell laughing more.

She said she was wondering about when Anchorman 3 might get released.

“Only if you are in Anchorman 3,” he told her, “Could you do a cameo?”

“Oh my G-, yes,” Savannah replied.

She asked Carrell if it would be a “speaking part,” which made him laugh again.

“No, you’re just gonna do a teaser. You’re just gonna wave to the camera,” Carrell joked after Savannah said she wouldn’t just be “an extra.”

“Please do Anchorman 3. It’s a request, not even a question,” she told him during the interview segment.

Based on the exchange, Savannah seemed intent on them making another film to create a Ron Burgundy trilogy and having a part in it.

Will there be an Anchorman 3 released?

The 2004 movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy featured Will Ferrell in the lead role as an anchorman at a competitive San Diego TV news station. Carrell portrayed Brick Tamland in a core cast that included Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Fred Willard.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues arrived in 2013, with the main stars returning and additional stars joining the cast.

As of this writing, there is no confirmed report that an Anchorman 3 is being written or created. However, the recent conversation between Carrell and Savannah may have set things in motion, though.

Carrell said he would “love” to appear in a third installment of the film, and most likely, any announcement about it happening would bring a lot of excitement.

Weeks ago, Happy Gilmore fans were sent into a frenzy when it was revealed that Adam Sandler was working on the sequel for Netflix. NFL star Travis Kelce said he’d love to be in the Happy Gilmore 2 cast.

It’s not the first time Today’s Savannah has talked to a guest about having a role in an entertainment project. Earlier this year, she and co-anchor Hoda Kotb got on Larry David’s case about their cameo roles for the final season of his popular series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Any announcement about Anchorman 3 would create a stir among fans of the character and his films. Other well-known newscasters and anchors appearing in a new Ron Burgundy film make a lot of sense.

Possibly bringing some speculation about a third film, Ferrell appeared as Ron Burgundy at Netflix’s Roast of Tom Brady, where he roasted Brady and others.

Savannah isn’t a novice when it comes to cameos. She has appeared in and had cameo roles in various TV shows and movies, including 30 Rock, The Michael J. Fox Show, Now You See Me 2, and Sharknado 3.

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