Travis Kelce shouts out Livvy Dunne and says he’s ‘livin’ the dream’ amid Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

travis kelce face shot from abc gma interview and livvy dune face from 2022 ESPYs appearance
Travis Kelce spoke about LSU’s Livvy Dunne as part of his GMA interview. Pic credit: ABC & ©

While Taylor Swift continues her Eras Tour overseas, Travis Kelce admitted he’s “livin’ the dream” after hanging out with Livvy Dunne and visiting the White House.

The NFL star won another Super Bowl ring this past season with the Kansas City Chiefs amid his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Swift attended multiple Chiefs games to support her boyfriend, including their thrilling Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.

During a recent GMA interview, Kelce spoke about how life has been for him with everything going on, as he’s received much more attention than before.

Kelce shared that on a scale from “1 to 10,” he’d say he felt things for him were about a “20.”

He didn’t specifically mention Swift in the interview but shouted out Dunne, the popular and successful LSU gymnast who’s amassed a serious social media following.

Kelce shouted out Livvy Dunne as an ‘awesome person’ after his appearance with her

Michael Strahan was absent from the June 6 episode of Good Morning America. Surprisingly, his colleague at ABC, Will Reeve, interviewed Travis Kelce in Boston, Massachusetts, where the NBA Finals will begin on Thursday night.

Robin Roberts introduced the segment on GMA with George Stephanopoulos, Whit Johnson, and Sam Champion.

She mentioned that Reeve spoke with Kelce about his “working with his brother Jason, his acting career, [and] life beyond football.”

“What else could he possibly talk about?” Robin joked as she introduced Reeve’s pre-recorded interview.

Reeve first appeared on the court at Boston’s TD Garden, the home arena for the NBA’s Celtics. He said Kelce’s been quite busy, including being a “supportive partner” traveling with Swift during her tour.

“He’s fully aware- It’s good to be Travis Kelce,” Reeve said before the interview segment started.

“I feel like I’m on the top of the mountain even after winning the Super Bowl and having the offseason that I’m having,” Kelce said, adding, “Livin’ the dream baby.”

GMA’s showed clips and photos of him helping charities, visiting the White House, preparing for Hollywood roles, and appearing with Livvy Dunne.

Part of the GMA story showed a clip of Kelce and Dunne posing back to back as they appeared for Accelerator, Dunne’s new energy drink he invested in. Kelce also recently filmed a commercial for the product.

“Got Livvy Dunne in the building. LSU gymnast. Absolutely just an awesome person. She’s down there making Accelerator look amazing,” Kelce said to praise her.

Dunne, 21, is currently with another rising star in the sports world. She’s been dating Pittsburgh Pirates rookie Paul Skenes. He rose to fame at LSU as the top prospect in baseball and became the Pirates’ No. 1 pick in the MLB Draft.

Kelce began dating Taylor Swift last year, and they’ve continued their relationship beyond the NFL season. He’s gone on tour with her to support her during her shows, much like she has attended his football games.

Swift is touring overseas for her Eras Tour, with recent shows at Lyon’s Groupama Stadium in France. According to the official Eras Tour website, the tour takes over Scottish Gash Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, for shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Kelce spoke about the ‘challenging’ role he has for an upcoming FX series

Kelce’s offseason work includes more than assisting charities, filming with Dunne, or supporting Swift during her Eras Tour. He’s also preparing for roles in entertainment, including hosting a spinoff game show and appearing in a new FX series.

According to Reeve’s story, Kelce is part of the new Ryan Murphy series Grotesquerie. GMA showed a social media clip featuring actor and comedian Niecy Nash on set, revealing that she was working with Kelce, who appeared beside her.

“I’ve been on a few shows before but only played myself,” Kelce said when asked if he’s an actor now.

He called it “different” and “challenging” to show the right emotions and energy for other acting roles.

“I feel like an amateur right now, but I’m coachable. That’s one thing about me,” Kelce joked.

Details are still scarce for Grotesquiere, an upcoming horror series that should arrive on FX later this year. In addition to Nash, Kelce’s co-stars include Courtney B. Vance and Lesley Manville. Filming will take place in Los Angeles, California, until September 2024.

Monsters and Critics also reported that Kelce even campaigned for another potential role as he responded to the fan theory he’ll appear in Netflix’s upcoming Happy Gilmore sequel.

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