Nikki Glaser calls out Tom Brady for his Netflix roast remarks

comedian nikki glaser face shot from nbc today with hoda and jenna
Nikki Glaser during her appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna. Pic credit: NBC

Tom Brady was in the hot seat during his Netflix roast as he absorbed scathing jokes and remarks from comedians and former teammates.

Afterward, the seven-time Super Bowl winner revealed he regretted his decision after getting roasted and said he wouldn’t do it again.

However, one of the event’s most celebrated roasters, Nikki Glaser, has thrown a flag on the field to challenge Brady for his comments.

Glaser followed host Kevin Hart as the show’s first official roaster and hit the mark with multiple jokes she fired off about the retired NFL star.

Additional roasters, including Jeff Ross and Tony Hinchcliffe, also hit Brady, his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, and former teammates with some severe punchlines.

During a recent interview, Glaser spoke about how Brady reacted to his Netflix roast, suggesting she finds it hard to believe he didn’t know what he was getting into.

Nikki Glaser believes Tom Brady ‘didn’t consider the backlash’ of his roast

Glaser has been making rounds for interviews on various programs since her successful appearance on Netflix’s The Roast of Tom Brady.

That included NBC’s Today with Hoda & Jenna, where hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager told her, “You won the roast” after her appearance on the live special.

She called it a “culmination of years of working” as she revealed she’s never really won anything before or been involved in a comedy event where she was considered the “winner” or “MVP.” However, she said it felt pretty good.

When asked about Brady’s remarks on a podcast saying he regretted his decision to appear on the roast, Glaser first said, “He probably does.”

“I feel like maybe he didn’t consider the backlash from his family and how it would affect them, and I do understand that,” she shared.

“I also feel like Tom Brady does not do anything without doing his research and knowing exactly what he’s getting into,” she said.

Glaser said she thinks the roast “regret” comments are something you say “after the fact” but found it “impossible [to believe] he didn’t consider what could have happened.”

“There’s roast footage out there that you can watch and go, ‘They’re gonna go this hard,'” she said.

Glaser countered that point by joking that a part of her believes, based on his successful career and popularity, “No one’s ever said a bad thing to him in the past 30 years.”

She said participants agreed not to make jokes about Brady’s kids, but besides that, there weren’t any “specific guidelines” for what else they could or couldn’t say.

Glaser could ‘sense’ that Brady got ‘more than he planned for’

At one point, Hoda asked Glaser if she could tell that the roast remarks were getting to Brady, and she said she sort of could.

“I got a sense that maybe it was a little more than he planned for,” she told the hosts, adding, “He hadn’t planned how to react because you kind of gotta practice.”

“I think by midway through, he had decided on the kind of laughter he was gonna do,” she said, adding, “I really don’t think he knew they were gonna go there.”

Among Glaser’s jokes were remarks aimed at his ex-wife Gisele cheating on him with a jiu-jitsu instructor and Glaser’s strong desire to have intercourse with the retired NFL star.

A joke delivered by fellow comedian Jeff Ross brought up previous allegations about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his participation at a massage parlor. Brady got up from his seat and walked over to tell Ross not to go there again.

While Brady may regret participating in his roast, Glaser doesn’t one bit. The standup comedian and host of reality TV’s FBoy Island revealed she’s enjoyed the positive feedback and is getting more recognition in public after her set.

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