FBoy Island’s Nikki Glaser discusses Tom Brady joke that may have gone too far

nikki glazer face shot from netflix the roast of tom brady
Comedian and FBoy Island host Nikki Glazer on stage for The Roast of Tom Brady. Pic credit: Netflix

The Roast of Tom Brady got people talking about some of the jokes and jabs that may have crossed the line.

Brady’s event featured an array of roasters, including comedians, friends like Kim Kardashian and Ben Affleck, and former teammates such as Rob Gronkowski.

His former coach, Bill Belichick, also got on stage to roast Brady with some clever lines.

It was a star-studded event that filled Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft even attended to support his friend and former star player.

At one point during the event, a comedian’s joke may have gone too far, though.

Comedian and FBoy Island host Nikki Glazer was among the roasters and shared her thoughts on that particular joke involving Brady and Kraft.

Nikki Glaser comments on Tom Brady roast joke

One of Glazer’s fellow comedians, Jeffery Ross, is known as a “roastmaster” because he tends to appear at any roast and has plenty of fireballs ready to throw. That was the case for the Netflix Brady roast, with Ross pulling no punches.

One joke he hurled at Brady also targeted Patriots team owner Robert Kraft, who was seated in the audience to watch the event.

Following Ross’s delivery of the joke, Brady stood up from his seat on stage and walked over to Ross to whisper something about not doing that again.

During his Sirius XM radio show, Howard Stern asked his guest Nikki Glazer if that was real or part of the show.

“I believe that was for real,” Glazer said, adding, “Because I think, based on the little knowledge I have of it, Robert Kraft was not a confirmed guest to be there. I didn’t know he was gonna be there until I was there.”

“I think there was a vibe that Robert Kraft is kind of a dad figure to Tom. He doesn’t want to sit there and listen to all these jokes,” Glazer said.

She admitted she was “surprised” that Ross made that joke, but she also felt “Tom was looking out for him.”

According to Glazer, her fellow roaster was also a “bit worried” that he crossed the line afterward.

“I mean, we have [a conscience] about these things…Afterwards, we go, ‘Did that really hurt his feelings?'” Glazer shared.

She added that Brady likely had to go over and say something on stage “performatively for Robert,” but she didn’t feel Ross would get in serious trouble.

Glazer has hosted reality TV’s FBoy Island for several seasons. Many called her the star of the Brady roast due to her various jokes and jabs.

What was the roast joke about Robert Kraft?

With Tom Brady getting roasted, former teammates and comedians could discuss all sorts of headlines from the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s career and life.

Among the topics touched upon were his headline-making divorce from Gisele Bundchen and his various scandals in football, including “Deflategate.”

While roasting Brady on stage, Ross recalled the retired NFL star’s earlier days after the Patriots drafted him.

“That scrawny rookie famously walked into Robert Kraft’s office and said, ‘I’m the best decision your organization has ever made,’” Ross said before adding, “Would you like a massage?”

“I love Robert Kraft,” Ross said as he pointed toward him in the audience.

However, Brady got up from his seat and walked over to him to tell him, “Don’t say that s**t again.”

That particular joke made light of a 2019 first-degree misdemeanor charge against Kraft and 25 others for soliciting prostitutes at a day spa.

In 2020, those charges got dropped as Kraft’s attorneys pointed out recorded video evidence. They revealed the footage was obtained by cameras installed in the day spa after investigators claimed there was a bomb threat and they needed to check things out.

A court ruling indicated Kraft’s constitutional rights were violated, and a US District Judge ordered the videos to be destroyed.

However, joking about it may sting several years later, as Brady’s quick remarks to Ross on stage suggested.

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