Gisele Bundchen denies claims she’s upset over Tom Brady and Irina Shayk dating rumors

Gisele Bundchen on the red carpet
Gisele Bundchen is refuting claims she’s upset about Tom Brady dating. Pic credit: ©

Gisele Bundchen is hitting back at reports that she is bothered by Tom Brady’s dating life after he was spotted seemingly spending the night with Irina Shayk.

Tom and Gisele went their separate ways after their divorce in October 2022.

Since then, both have been the subject of dating rumors, with Gisele drawing headlines after being spotted with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente before seemingly moving on with billionaire Jeffrey Soffer.

For his part, Tom has been romantically linked to Kim Kardashian recently, as they have been spotted partying together and looking very flirty.

But now, Tom seems to have moved on with Bradley Cooper’s supermodel ex, Irina Shayk.

Tom and Irina are looking pretty chummy lately, and according to a report from Page Six, they recently enjoyed an overnight together.

Tom Brady and Irina Shayka dating rumors heat up

It looks like all eyes are off Kim Kardashian, and have moved to Irina Shayk after this weekend. And by all eyes, we mean Tom Brady’s eyes because that’s who he seems to have them on now.

The retired NFL star was spotted picking Irina up from the Hotel Bel-Air on Friday before returning to his place and staying the night there. Photos of Tom and Irina’s car ride show him smiling and caressing her cheek at a stop light.

Irina was spotted leaving Tom’s house on Saturday morning.

As if that didn’t get tongues wagging enough, he was spotted again with her later on Saturday.

While Tom was busy romancing Irina, Kim Kardashian, whom he was rumored to be very flirty with recently, was spotted in Miami with Tristan Thompson.

Gisele Bundchen hits back at claims

It didn’t take long for a report from TMZ to claim that Gisele was in her feelings about Tom Brady and Irina Shayka.

Initially, TMZ reported that Gisele was “not happy at all” with Tom dating Irina. After all, the sports star was busy loving it up with a younger model while Gisele was busy celebrating her 43rd birthday.

But it seems that wasn’t the case at all. Soon after the claims that Gisele was very bothered, another TMZ report claimed she couldn’t care less.

It seems another source close to the supermodel contacted them to claim, “Why wouldn’t she be happy for Tom? She divorced him. It is helpful to her freedom that he moved on.”

It was also clarified that while Gisele and Irina know each other and are cordial, they are not friends.

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