Gisele Bündchen shares inspiring message about life following her divorce

Gisele Bundchen poses at an exhibit.
Gisele Bundchen shared an inspiring message about the meaning of health and life after her divorce from Tom Brady. Pic credit: ©

Gisele Bündchen may have just gone through a very public divorce from her husband of more than thirteen years, football professional Tom Brady, but the Brazilian beauty has not seemed to let the life change bring her down.

The blonde stunner, who graced Victoria’s Secret runway many times during her illustrious modeling career, has appeared to be taking her split in stride as she finds her footing as a newly-single woman again.

The mother-of-two recently gave her followers an update on her mental health and views on life while working in a yoga session at the beach.

Gisele looked as fit and gorgeous as always for her post, going with a neutral spandex tank top in a pewter hue and donning light gray spandex leggings for her workout session.

She kept her hair tied back in a low braid as she performed the sun salutation pose, raising one arm straight up above her head while resting her other hand against her back leg.

A stunning sunrise spread out in the background, with pastel pinks and yellows coloring the clouds and a pale blue sky just showing above her head.

Gisele Bündchen shares an inspirational message following her divorce

Not one to waste time on social media with meaningless posts, Gisele used her latest post to provide some inspiration to her followers.

“Being healthy is more than a clean diet and exercise. It’s about our attitudes, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions,” she captioned the shot.

She explained that she values remembering that even in her darkest moments the “sun rises every day” and getting through the tough times can be a means of opening up a new door to a fresh start.

She went on to explain how awareness is a key factor for her to remain centered and avoid distractions that can easily create tension and anxiety in life.

“It can get intense out there and we can get easily distracted by the noise…What energy you are nurturing? Remember, we are the co-creators of our own reality, what we believe we create!” she said.

As Gisele continues to navigate her new solo life, she has made one thing clear: she still places a lot of importance on staying physically and mentally fit and touts exercise as a means of getting through hard phases.

Gisele Bündchen’s meditation and exercise routines are divulged by her trainer

Speaking with Vogue UK, Gisele’s trainer opened up about how she stays centered mentally and keeps her body in tip-top shape.

“Gisele is a true athlete — she’s physically strong and has an incredible, deep mind-body connection,” Body by Nonna founder Nonna Gleyzer shared. “She works out on a regular basis. And she eats a lot! More than you and me put together!” 

Nonna shared that along with a whole-body workout, she would also work on specific foot exercises during Gisele’s active modeling years in order to improve her muscle strength for those times she had to wear heels.

The duo also focused on toning Gisele’s arms, making sure to create a strong and defined look without adding bulk.

In terms of getting her sweat on, Gisele enjoys a variety of moves to tone her body, using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yoga, hiking, walking, and swimming to work every single muscle group.

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