Thomas Ravenel from Southern Charm Instagram: Where’s Ashley Jacobs?

Thomas Ravenel Instagram
Thomas Ravenel from Southern Charm. Ashley Jacobs has been missing from his Instagram

Thomas Ravenel didn’t attend the Southern Charm reunion special this year, as he was being accused of raping the nanny that had been caring for his two children.

Kathryn Dennis decided to speak out about the situation, revealing that the nanny had been working with them for two years. She didn’t say whether she thought he was guilty.

However, when Ashley Jacobs joined the cast during the second instalment of the reunion special, she was firm. She said she believed he was innocent until proven guilty and reminded everyone that he hadn’t been charged.

So, what has Thomas Ravenel been up to since Southern Charm wrapped with the reunion special?

Based on his online activities, it sounds like he’s been focusing on his kids. On Thomas Ravenel’s Instagram, he has shared plenty of photos recently of his children and him together, as they spend quality time together.

He also decided to block the haters, making his Twitter account private so anyone not following him can’t see his posts.

During the reunion special, his most recent parter Ashley Jacobs claimed that they were still together and very happy. However, Thomas Ravenel hasn’t posted a photo of Ashley, or mentioned her name, on Instagram in over a month.

When Thomas promoted the Southern Charm reunion special three days ago, he talked about how far the cast had come since the first season. But he again didn’t talk about Ashley or post a photo of her.

He did share a video of himself and Kathryn Dennis, however, dancing around on a regular Sunday while they played with their kids. Ashley surely wouldn’t be too happy about that if they were still together.

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel focusing on his kids and using his Instagram account to show people that he’s spending quality time with them and Kathryn?

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