Southern Charm: Ashley Jacobs reveals she’s married and pregnant

Ashley Jacobs made waves when she appeared on Southern Charm as Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend. She made a name for herself as a villain after confronting Kathryn Dennis and saying some pretty terrible things to her. That seems like forever ago, and since then, Ashley has moved out of Charleston and started a whole new life

Ashley Jacobs reportedly filming Southern Charm: Is she dating a former pro athlete?

Ashley Jacobs has reportedly changed her mind about filming Southern Charm. According to Lalate, Ashley is back under Bravo contract and she’s been filming with the other cast members because she wants to make peace with Patricia Altschul and Kathryn Dennis. It is unknown how much Ashley will film. It could be a recurring role but

Ashley Jacobs wants redemption season on Southern Charm: Should Bravo oblige?

Ashley Jacobs is one of the least-liked reality stars on Southern Charm. From the very beginning, she came across as aggressive with her co-stars, including Kathryn Dennis, as Ashley felt possessive of Thomas Ravenel. When she started attacking Kathryn for being a horrible mother to her two children, things spiraled out of control. Needless to

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs: Where do they go from here?

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs are currently one of the most controversial couples on Bravo. The Southern Charm couple didn’t exactly win over their co-stars with their romance on the previous season, and when Ashley decided to stand by him during allegations that he had raped the nanny who cared for his kids, many thought

Wait! Did Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs from Southern Charm get engaged or married?

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs like to have Southern Charm fans guessing about their relationship. When the Southern Charm reunion wrapped, Ashley claimed they were still together while working through rape allegations facing Thomas. Then, both of them deleted all pictures of one another on their Instagram accounts. To fans, it appeared like they were

Ashley Jacobs from Southern Charm: What is she up to now?

Ashley Jacobs decided to attend the Southern Charm reunion special by herself, as she felt she had to let her voice be heard. In addition, she wanted to be the voice for Thomas Ravenel, who didn’t attend. Since he was being accused of raping the nanny that cared for his kids, Bravo felt that it

Thomas Ravenel from Southern Charm Instagram: Where’s Ashley Jacobs?

Thomas Ravenel didn’t attend the Southern Charm reunion special this year, as he was being accused of raping the nanny that had been caring for his two children. Kathryn Dennis decided to speak out about the situation, revealing that the nanny had been working with them for two years. She didn’t say whether she thought

Southern Charm update: Are Thomas and Ashley still together?

  The Southern Charm reunion special aired last night and fans were surprised to learn that Thomas Ravenel was not in attendance because of an accusation that he had raped the nanny that had cared for his children. That left viewers wondering about the status of Thomas and Ashley Jacobs’ relationship, which was on shaky