Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel: Southern Charm star issues apology to Kathryn Dennis and fans

Ashley Jacobs Southern Charm
Ashley Jacobs from Southern Charm has issued an apology. Pic credit: Ashley Jacobs/Instagram.

Ashley Jacobs hasn’t been too open about her current relationship status with Thomas Ravenel.

As Southern Charm came to an end this year, Ashley was very vocal about her dislike for Kathryn Dennis. And while Thomas didn’t exactly win the award for the best friend to the mother of his kids, he did tell Ashley that by making comments about Kathryn she was disrespecting her — and therefore, disrespecting him.

When the Southern Charm reunion came around, Thomas didn’t attend as he was being accused of raping his housekeeper. But Ashley Jacobs chose to go to the reunion to defend him.

While she did apologize for some of her behavior, it was clear that she and Kathryn were not leaving there as friends. However, it appears that Ashley may have learned a thing or two after appearing on the show.

On Instagram, she issued an apology over the way she treated Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend.

It’s interesting that Ashley’s apology is pointed to the Southern Charm viewers and Kathryn Dennis. She doesn’t mention Thomas Ravenel once but focuses on how she had no right to comment on the bond between a mother and her children. She reveals that she talked to friends who had children, and learned that perhaps she had crossed the line.

Fans now want to know if Jacobs and Ravenel are still together. Ashley has started working as a nurse and hasn’t shared any photos of them together recently.

Meanwhile, Thomas has removed all photos of Ashley Jacobs on his Instagram profile, focusing instead of photos of his children and Kathryn as they continue to co-parent. This could mean that Ashley is completely done on Southern Charm.

What do you think of Ashley Jacobs’ apology directed at Kathryn? Do you think this clears everything that has happened in the past?

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