Ashley Jacobs from Southern Charm: What is she up to now?

Ashley Jacobs Southern Charm
Ashley Jacobs attended the Southern Charm reunion but where is she now? Photo via Bravo.

Ashley Jacobs decided to attend the Southern Charm reunion special by herself, as she felt she had to let her voice be heard. In addition, she wanted to be the voice for Thomas Ravenel, who didn’t attend.

Since he was being accused of raping the nanny that cared for his kids, Bravo felt that it wasn’t good for him to attend. But Jacobs revealed that he was simply being accused and he hadn’t been charged with anything.

While her Southern Charm cast members weren’t fond of Ashley Jacobs, she felt she wanted to let her story be heard. She revealed that she and Thomas were indeed still together and that they were going strong, even though Thomas was facing these allegations.

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Now it has been almost two months since the reunion special was filmed and it has been well over a month since the two posed for a photo together on Instagram. So, where is Ashley now?

As it turns out, it sounds like Ashley Jacobs is still living in South Carolina. About two weeks ago, she posted a photo of herself in a nursing uniform, proving that she’s back to work. It sounds like Thomas Ravenel isn’t paying her bills anymore.

In addition, Ashley Jacobs has been spending time with her friends recently, revealing that she was a supportive friend at her friends’ baby showers. It appears that Ashley, who wanted children with Thomas, is the only one not pregnant in her tight-knit circle of friends.

The biggest question remains: are Ashley and Thomas still together? It has been over a month since the two were sharing photos of one another. While Ashley was celebrating her friends this weekend, Thomas was with his kids at the beach.

From an outside perspective, it does look like Thomas and Ashley are no longer together after the reunion special. What do you think of Ashley Jacobs after the latest season of Southern Charm?

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