Ashley Jacobs wants redemption season on Southern Charm: Should Bravo oblige?

Ashley Jacobs on Southern Charm
Ashley Jacobs wants a redemption season to prove herself on Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

Ashley Jacobs is one of the least-liked reality stars on Southern Charm. From the very beginning, she came across as aggressive with her co-stars, including Kathryn Dennis, as Ashley felt possessive of Thomas Ravenel.

When she started attacking Kathryn for being a horrible mother to her two children, things spiraled out of control. Needless to say, viewers were quick to jump on social media, slamming her for being an apparently horrible human being.

Ashley Jacobs has had some time to think after wrapping up Southern Charm. She and Thomas are thought to have taken a break from their relationship, but that allowed them to work things out and get back together — possibly more.

It now looks like Ashley is ready to face all that damage that she did on the show. She recently spoke to People magazine, revealing that she wants a redemption story on Southern Charm to prove herself, just like Kathryn Dennis did.

I wish they had the decency to contact me and give me a chance. Because I would like to have a redemption story, the same way Kathryn [Dennis] did. I’m not going to fight and I’m not going to play dirty.

I’m going to smile and be nice. I never had the chance to do that on the show because I was so wrapped up in Thomas’ drama. I was the villain, but people tuned in to watch. I’d like to give viewers the chance to see another side of me.

It’s interesting that she wants a season where she can redeem herself. None of her Southern Charm co-stars are thought to be interested in filming with her again, and Thomas Ravenel has revealed that he’s leaving the show behind because he feels Bravo is fictionalizing his storyline.

Obviously Bravo doesn’t owe Jacobs a second season, as she is solely responsible for the things she said on the show. But she evidently wants them to ask her to come back.

It is possible that producers will bring her back, simply because she brought the drama. Viewers were not huge fans of her, though, so that could influence their decision.

Only time will tell whether Ashley Jacobs gets the chance to redeem herself on Southern Charm.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus but is expected to return to Bravo next year.

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