This Is Us producer hints at spoilers: Says Season 5 finale will be ‘twisty’ and ‘satisfying’ for fans

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This Is Us showrunner Isaac Aptaker revealed that the finale episode will culminate in five minutes fans won’t soon forget. Pictured are Justin Hartley as Kevin and Sterling K. Brown as Randall. Pic credit: NBC/Ron Batzdorff

This Is Us producer Isaac Aptaker revealed in a new interview that the finale of Season 5 would be both “twisty” and “satisfying” for viewers.

The show has built up the surprising relationship between Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) throughout the season, allowing these vulnerable characters time to shine in the spotlight of their affection for one another.

In the last two episodes, Kevin appeared to be unsure about moving forward in his relationship with Madison after encountering two women from his past who had a profound effect on his life, ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and former girlfriend Zoe (Melanie Liburd).

It appeared by the end of the episode that he had come to a certainty about his relationship with Madison as he deleted Sophie’s phone number from his contacts.

However, Madison was troubled by a video Kate made for her bridal shower where Kevin appeared uncertain about their future together. This could potentially set the stage for an issue on the day of their wedding.

Will these two pull it together and walk down the aisle, or will one of them walk away?

What to expect during the finale?

Madison and Kevin’s road to happiness does not come without its snafus.

Kevin’s wedding planner may be a little bit rusty from the pandemic,” Issac revealed to Entertainment Weekly, “because there are quite a few logistical snafus early on in the day.”

He shared that viewers will receive some sort of resolution to at least a few of the big storylines from this past season. The showrunner also claimed that there would be one surprise and, of course, in true This Is Us fashion, a new set of questions for fans to peruse throughout the summer until the show returns next fall.

“It’s really satisfying and twisty,” Isaac revealed.

“We give some big answers and then we ask some brand-new questions, and I think this really strikes the perfect balance between the two,” he continued.

Fans should brace themselves for one segment in particular

Fans of the series should brace themselves for one segment in particular, which will occur in the latter part of the episode Isaac revealed to EW.

The show is well-known for throwing in a curveball during the end of an episode, leaving viewers food for thought moving forward.

Isaac revealed that fans should plan their evening accordingly and stay put in front of their televisions for the last five minutes of the episode.

“People are definitely going to want to have [eaten] their snacks and have taken all of their bathroom breaks and be rooted in front of the TV for our last five minutes,” he teased.

This Is Us’ Season 5 finale will air tonight beginning at 10/9c on NBC.

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