The Witcher’s Henry Cavill teases secret new project: Here’s the theories

Henry Cavill at the premiere of "Mission: Impossible Fallout" in New York City
Henry Cavill as he appeared at the New York City premiere of Mission: Impossible Fallout. Pic credit: ©

Henry Cavill has shared a new update to his official Instagram account that has both teased and intrigued his fans. In the post, The Witcher star suggested that a new secret project might be in development.

The black-and-white image that Cavill posted showed the actor sitting in a make-up chair as two stylists secured a wig. It seems likely that this is the actor on set for Season 2 of The Witcher.

In his hand, is what appears to be a script or several sheets of paper. The photo was taken so close to it that the words are extremely blurred and it is unclear what the document might be.

In the caption, Cavill offered up a cryptic explanation.

“Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it…. Guess you’ll have to wait and see,” Cavill wrote before finishing up by wishing everyone a “happy hump day.”

It immediately got fans trying to figure out what the actor might be talking about. Already, there are a couple of theories.

Is The Witcher universe set to expand?

The first theory is that this new project is related to The Witcher. In the comments section, plenty of his followers suggested this had to do with Season 2 of the hit fantasy series that is currently being filmed.

We already know that Season 2 is underway, after stalling due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, it seems highly unlikely that Cavill would list it as a “secret project.”

There are several other projects set in The Witcher universe in development by Netflix. A prequel series titled, The Witcher: Blood Origin, is one such project.

So, the potential is certainly there that an announcement could be made shortly regarding a potential new series or project set in the same universe.

Could a Mass Effect TV series be in development?

However, Game Pressure has another interesting theory. They surmise that Cavill could be involved in a secret Mass Effect project. While this may seem a little off-center, the reasoning is actually fairly solid.

Using anti-blur technology, the outlet zoomed in on the words written on the top sheet of paper in Cavill’s hand. This gave some surprising results.

“We can make out words like ‘Cerberus,’ ‘Reaper,’ ‘Geth’ or ‘Tali’Zorah,'” the outlet revealed.

All of these words are associated with Mass Effect.

At first, they suspected that Cavill was holding a script for a potential new Mass Effect TV series. However, further investigation revealed that the entry was likely from the Mass Effect 3 Wikipedia page.

In addition to this, Cavill is a known gamer. In fact, when he first found out a Witcher TV series was in development, he aggressively pursued an audition. So, to have him onboard regarding another classic video game seems like a valid game plan.

Of course, fans will just have to watch and wait until an official announcement is made regarding this potential new project. After all, it could just be some paper with “random words” on it.

Season 1 of The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix.

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