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The Walking Dead spoilers: Does a major character die this week?

Beta and Rufus
Will Beta kill more people on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 15? Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The Walking Dead spoilers about this week might hint at a long-time character getting killed off.

The title of Season 10, Episode 15 is “The Tower” and that alone could be enough information for fans of the TWD comic books to know what might be coming up next.

Within the comic books, a sequence that took place on a water tower was where the character of Gabriel Stokes met his end.

On the show, there has also been some foreshadowing that the death of Gabriel is coming up soon, but the writers don’t always stick to how things were presented in the comic books.

How does Gabriel die in the TWD comic books?

Within the Whisperer War, Gabriel was stationed as a lookout on a tower and he spotted the Whisperers and a lot of walkers descending upon Alexandria.

When Gabriel tried to get off the tower to get help, he fell, breaking his ankle. While he was stuck, Beta approached and disemboweled Gabriel. And while he was still alive, the walkers finished him off.

It was a really gruesome way for Father Gabriel to die within the TWD comics, but also a memorable death for the character. Will the writers for the AMC television show take that same route?

Actor Seth Gilliam has played Father Gabriel Stokes for several years now, and the character had a lot of important substories on the show.

When Season 10, Episode 15, airs on April 5, though, this may be the final time that viewers get to see the character alive. It would also be a death that becomes even more memorable since a long hiatus begins at the conclusion.

 Season finale of The Walking Dead postponed

As we previously reported, the Season 10 finale has been postponed by AMC. They couldn’t get the production finished in time and due to the coronavirus epidemic, it won’t air for a long time.

AMC hasn’t even given fans a release date for Season 10, Episode 16, suggesting it could be a while before the network finally decides to roll it out.

If Gabriel dies in Episode 15, then it’s going to remain on our minds for a while.

As one of the final scenes before the break, the impact could be felt until the season finale airs (hopefully) sometime later in the summer months.

There is other ground to cover in the next episode, though, including what’s up with the new woman that Eugene’s group came across.  Will Princess appear again in Episode 15?

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.