The Walking Dead Season 10C: AMC teases Episode 19 with Father Gabriel and Aaron is ‘cute and scary’

Ross Marquand as Aaron and Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel, as they appear in Episode 19 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10C
Aaron and Father Gabriel are surrounded in Season 10C of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: @TheWalkingDead/Twitter

AMC has been releasing a pile of new promotional stills from the upcoming Season 10C of The Walking Dead.

Photos involving Maggie and Daryl were posted, as were some involving Daryl and Carol. Both of these updates gave clues about the upcoming episodes.

With the images of Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand), they teased that Episode 19 would be both “cute AND scary.”

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Posting two tweets to their official Twitter account for The Walking Dead, the network gave a few revealing captions.

In one tweet they noted that Episode 19 will be based around Aaron and Gabriel. They then went on to disclose that the episode would not only be cute but scary as well.

In another update, they revealed that the duo were out on a supply run.

Episode 19 of The Walking Dead’s Season 10C promises to be the ‘Gabe and Aaron’ show

Four images were shared that featured the “Gabe and Aaron” episode. These were a blend of potentially terrifying as well as light-hearted moments.

First up, two images show the pair outside. One image reveals the Walking Dead characters surrounded by walkers. Back to back, they appear ready to defend themselves.

Another image shows Gabriel walking past some items outside that appeared to have been burned.

Then, Aaron and Gabriel are searching a darkened building, and this is where the lighter moment occurs.

While Gabriel appeared to be concerned about something as he used a flashlight to scour the room, a secondary snap showed Aaron sitting at a desk with a smile on his face as he and Gabriel play cards.

Potentially, they could be sheltering at this location for the night after encountering the walkers outside. This could lead to some endearing moments as the two open up to each other.

Aaron and Father Gabriel go on a supply run in The Walking Dead

The second tweet revealed that these images are from a supply run that Aaron and Gabriel have gone on. It seems likely that the two tweets are from the same episode and excursion.

The duo encounters a store that is chained shut because it contains the undead inside.

Over time, the glass had broken and several arms can be seen reaching out toward Aaron in one of the snaps. This image also shows Aaron with a bloodied hand and a dead walker, indicating that he has killed it by beating it to death.

Of course, what really happens in Episode 19 of The Walking Dead Season 10C is not yet entirely known and viewers will likely have to wait until the end of February in order to find out more.

The Walking Dead Season 10C will return on February 28 on AMC.

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