The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher shares heartfelt post for new My Chemical Romance song

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Aidan Gallagher shared his love for My Chemical Romance’s new song and gave a small review of the new single’s sound. Pic credit: ©

While The Umbrella Academy fans can’t wait until summer for Season 3 to be released, they were treated with a surprise earlier this week. 

The Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way got back with his former emo-reigning band, My Chemical Romance, to release a song for the first time since the band disbanded in 2014. In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, there were talks of the famous band getting back together, but things were quickly put on hold as COVID-19 raged across the world. 

Their world tour is set to kick off June 1, 2022, in Paris, France, only weeks before Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is set to release. 

After the song’s release, TUA star Aidan Gallagher took to his Instagram account to let everyone know how much the new song means to him. 

Aidan Gallagher sings high praises for The Foundations of Decay

Aidan shared a photo of the song’s cover art on his Instagram account to celebrate the return of the rock band with new music. He starts off his post by noting that the song doesn’t need “any introduction” from him, but the new song is out, and “it’s pretty incredible.”

Number 5 has been listening to it “nonstop” and said, “it feels so great to hear these guys make music again.”

He left his small review, writing, “The way this song starts off eerie and intriguing and arrives at that amazing chorus that sounds like a blend of Three Cheers and Black Parade is exactly what I didn’t realize I was missing. Not to sound too much like I’m writing a music article here, but with 6 minutes there really is something for everybody in this track. My favorite part is when Gerard sings “you must fix your heart” – perfect melody ?”

“This feels like every MCR era to me and a perfect place to have arrived at for the band. Go check this one out if ya haven’t already.”

Aidan himself is a singer, songwriter, and musician, and the fact that he plays such a pivotal role in the series created by MCR’s frontman clearly means a lot to the young actor.

What happens in The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

There aren’t too many details released regarding the plot of the newest season following Netflix’s time-traveling super siblings. The show is set to release June 2022 and fans are waiting to see how the kids of the Umbrella Academy face off with a separate set of siblings now dubbed The Sparrow Academy, featuring their dead brother Ben.

One of the latest promotional posts features the siblings standing with suitcases. The suitcases all feature stickers from different countries, indicating that the siblings may be split up again due to Five’s time-traveling shenanigans — or perhaps it’s necessary to save their lives once again.

Aiden teased, “Where is time taking you?” hinting that the siblings could end up spread out across the world.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 airs on June 22, 2022.

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