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The Season 5 finale of Chesapeake Shores was one tragedy after another

The cast of Chesapeake Shores in the Season 5 finale.
It was one sad and shocking revelation after another on the Season 5 finale of Chesapeake Shores. Pic credit: Crown Media

From a miscarriage and a heart attack to drug addiction and looming financial ruin, the Season 5 finale of Chesapeake Shores was one sad event after another.

The show’s stars warned viewers about this. Meghan Ory, who plays Abby O’Brien on the series, said in an interview last week that she was shocked when she read the script for the episode.

“I remember turning the page and going, What? What? What? What?” Ory said.

The show started out with Sara in bed. In last week’s episode, she collapsed in her office. It turned out she had a miscarriage. Sara said she is relieved they didn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy because she doesn’t want to talk about it.

The episode veered into joy when Mick announced he was taking a year off and that he and Meg were going to travel around the world. Bree, Connor, and Jess looked stunned, and finally, Connor asked if it meant they were back together. They said yes.

Jess ended up in tears, telling Meg that she wished they could have reconciled 20 years ago.

Meg’s job offer

The happiness between Meg and Mick didn’t last, though. Meg’s friend Carter told her the Getty Museum in Los Angeles wanted to offer her a job as curator. Meg turned it down but Mick kept pressing her.

“Isn’t that your dream job?” he asked her, telling her he didn’t want her to give up on her dream unless she was absolutely sure.

Even though Sara wanted to keep things secret, Kevin tells his parents about the miscarriage. He is distraught and they tell them they understand because they had a miscarriage too.

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Meanwhile, Connor was working hard to make sure Luke didn’t go back to prison after he failed a drug test. Luke swore he was clean. Connor finally figured out that it was a mix of sleeping pills and antihistamines that caused the false positive.

In the middle of preparing for the case, his paralegal Margaret tried to get him to relax for a while and they ended up kissing on the office couch.

Meghan Ory in Hallmark Channel's Chesapeake Shores
Abby was shocked when Evan asked her out. Pic credit: Crown Media

Abby’s dilemma

Throughout the episode, Abby was trying to decide between Jay and Evan. During a chat with Bree, she confessed that she wasn’t sure she wanted to date anyone at the moment.

Later on, Jay told Abby that he was also interested in another woman but he would hold off on asking her out if Abby wanted to pursue something. Abby said she needed to think about it.

Evan also asked her out. She was shocked and he told her to sleep on it.

In the middle of everything, David finds out that his dad has cleaned out his trust fund and left the country. He is wanted by the feds for wire fraud and embezzlement.

Kevin and Sara ended up arguing after Kevin told his parents about the miscarriage. Meg smoothed things over by visiting Sara and telling her about her own miscarriage.

At the O’Brien house

The episode ended at the O’Brien house. With Bree looking on, Abby left a voice mail saying she wanted to pursue a relationship, but she didn’t say whether she called Jay or Evan.

Meg told Mick she was going to take the job at the Getty but then she would take some time off so they could travel. Mick, who was popping pain pills throughout the episode, accused her of taking the job to be closer to Carter.

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Before Meg and Mick could resolve their argument, Connor collapsed in the driveway while kissing Margaret. She screamed for help, telling them he was having a heart attack.

With so many cliffhangers, a Season 6 is almost inevitable, Ory said in last week’s interview.

“I think there are going to be some angry fans if we don’t come back and wrap everything up,” Ory said.

There is no word from Hallmark yet about whether the show will be renewed for Season 6.

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