Meghan Ory and Emilie Ullerup tell Chesapeake Shores fans they should be worried about the Season 5 finale

Emilie Ullerup on Hallmark Channel's Chesapeake Shores
Emilie Ullerup teased the upcoming finale for Season 5 Chesapeake Shores on a Facebook Live interview with ET’s Deidre Behar. Pic credit: Crown Media

In a Facebook Live interview, Meghan Ory told fans of Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores that they will walk away from Sunday night’s season finale shocked.

“Should they be worried?” asked ET’s Deidre Behar.

“Yes,” said the actress, who plays Abby O’Brien on the series.

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Co-star Emilie Ullerup said fans would need another season to deal with all the surprises Sunday night’s show will dish out.

“They’ve been building up to so much in this season,” Ullerup said. “And everything is going to pay off in this episode.”

Who will Abby choose?

For a lot of Chessies, the big issue is Abby’s love life. In a recent episode, Jay asked her out on a date. Soon after, Evan asked Mick if he could ask Abby out. Mick told him she was a grown woman, and he would need to ask her permission, not his.

But whether Abby will choose Evan over Jay is up in the air. Ory said that Jay “ticks all the boxes” that Abby would look for in a romantic partner. But still, the feeling just isn’t there. Ullerup piped up.

“If you ain’t feeling it by now, you ain’t going to feel it, lady,” she said.

Ullerup thinks Abby would be better suited for Evan.

“Evan’s going to be the guy who keeps her on her toes,” she said.

Bree and Luke?

Ullerup’s character is also facing a decision in terms of her love life. In last week’s episode, Bree found out the guy she is interested in did time in prison. She took it in stride, even bringing him to her brother when he needed help with his parole officer.

But Ory is not convinced that the two belong together.

“She needs to play the field a little bit,” she said.

The interview didn’t address some of the other big events on the show, including Sarah’s collapse at the end of the last episode and Connor’s near heart attack.

But the choices facing Abby and Bree are enough to keep anyone on the edge of their seats, according to the co-stars.

Ory said when she read the script for the episode, she was beside herself with surprise.

“I remember turning the page and going, What? What? What? What?” Ory said. “I think fans will walk away feeling heart warmed, curious, excited, and shocked.”

Chesapeake Shores Live - Meghan Ory and Emilie Ullerup

Chesapeake Shores Season 5, Episode 10, will air on Sunday, October 17 on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c.

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