Evan has a mysterious proposal for Abby on Chesapeake Shores

Nell (Dianne Ladd) and Mick (Treat Williams) on Hallmark Channel's Chesapeake Shores
Nell (Dianne Ladd) comforts Mick (Treat Williams) after receiving a strange package on Hallmark Channel’s Chesapeake Shores. Pic credit: Crown Media

Last week, Sarah and Kevin found out that she was pregnant, ending speculation that they might not be able to have children. Now they need to figure out how to share the news, especially since Sarah just accepted a promotion to lieutenant with the fire department.

Also, in last week’s episode, Evan proved that he isn’t leaving Chesapeake Shores anytime soon. After telling Abby that he was pulling out of his deal to build a resort on the beach, he threw his back out and ended up staying on the couch at the O’Brien house until he recovered.

While hosting her unwanted guest, Abby learned a bit more about the eccentric billionaire, including the fact that he has dyslexia that went undiagnosed when he was a child. In addition, his personal assistant, Mandrake (played by Wesley Salter of When Calls the Heart), told Abby that Evan was considered lazy and unmotivated when he was growing up.

“No one believed in him, so Evan had to believe in himself,” Mandrake said.

Abby found herself defending Evan to Jay, saying he never had a real family growing up.

By the time Evan was well enough to get off the couch, he had decided the deal was back on. He told Abby he would build the resort on a different lot and planned on turning the old site, where a 17th-century ship had been found, into a museum.

Abby (Meghan Ory) on Hallmark Channel's Chesapeake Shores
Abby is left speechless when Evan whisks her away on a trip and says he has a proposal for her. Pic credit: Crown Media

The whisk away

In previews for Episode 8, Evan approaches Abby with a mysterious proposal. He invites her on a business trip, which her sisters immediately decide is a romantic gesture.

“This is a classic move, though,” Bree says.

“It’s the whisk away,” Jess agrees.

Abby is skeptical but finds herself stunned when Evan takes her to a beautiful lake and begins talking in a serious tone.

“Abby, we have connected in a very profound way,” he says. “I realize this might sound kind of sudden.”

A package for Mick

Also in the previews for Episode 8, Mick receives a strange package. After talking with Nell, he decides to go looking for the person who sent it.

Bree finds out about Luke’s time in prison from an unexpected source. And Meg goes head-to-head with the New York gallery owner who claims to have the exclusive rights to sell rework produced by Arthur Driscoll.

Season 5, Episode 8 of Chesapeake Shores will air on Sunday, October 3 on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c.

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