The Price Is Right contestant falls on stage with her mom as they celebrate Showcase win

the price is right host drew carey face shot from july 4 episode
The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey has seen his share of big moments on the game show. Pic credit: CBS

A big win on The Price Is Right often includes excited celebrations by contestants, their friends, and loved ones.

That was the case during one recent episode as a contestant competed in the Showcase Showdown.

She received assistance from her mother, which led to her achieving a huge prize package.

However, it also led to a bear hug on stage, and both women fell to the floor as a nearby model wondered about their condition.

The contestant’s Showcase included a massage chair, a hot tub, and a trip to Seychelles.

Her goal was to have the closest bid for her prize package without going over.

TPIR contestant and her mom fell on stage during their Showcase celebration

The contestant, Alexandra, looked to her mom in the audience for advice on the bid, and she suggested $22,500.

Host Drew Carey revealed the actual prices of the Showcase prize packages. Thanks to her mother, Alexandra was just $164 under hers, which meant she won both Showcases.

“What? What? What?” she exclaimed several times after Drew told her she was a “Double Showcase winner.”

She celebrated with a shocked look as the losing contestant in the Showcase hugged her. Alexandra then went over to check out all of the prizes she just won.

“If you’re under 250, you win both Showcases,” Drew announced.

Alexandra’s opponent’s Showcase prizes included a trip and a new car.

After the big win, the winning contestant’s family member headed to the stage to celebrate with her. In this case, Alexandra’s mom helped with the bid, so she joined her on stage.

In the video clip below, Alexandra briefly hugged model Devin Goda before her mother rushed in for a kiss and hug. Her mom’s big hug was enough to pull her down, and they both fell onto the floor together.

The nearby models looked surprised but laughed as they clapped for the contestant’s big win.

Fans reacted to the contestant and her mother on The Price Is Right stage

“Her momma ran up and hugged her so hard that [they] fell! Lol? Adorable !!!” a commenter wrote.

“Hard to contain all that excitement!” The Price Is Right Instagram account replied.

fans of the price is right in instagram comments screenshot react to mother and daughter falling on stage
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“awww but oh no the fall,” another commenter wrote.

“Love the momma bear hug ending up in a fall cherry on top for such a great ending,” a commenter said.

Another wrote, “The home @lexi_mg trying to catch them when they biffed it.”

instagram screenshot of the price is right fans comments about mother and daughter moment in showcase win
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

The Price Is Right’s Devin was on stage with fellow model Alexis Gaube during the incident. While Alexis didn’t catch the mother and daughter before they fell, she showed immediate concern for their safety.

She recently received some criticism online from viewers who suggested her reactions during a “tricky” game were “fake” or “annoying.” However, many viewers seem to like The Price Is Right’s current models in the lineup.

Regarding close bids, Alexandra’s was one of many to win both Showcases in the show’s history. It joined what Drew recently called one of the best Showcase bids he’d seen in his history of hosting the show.

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