The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey jokes he’s ‘not smart’ after contestant’s ‘talk show host’ jab

drew carey face shot from july 2024 episode of the price is right on cbs
Host Drew Carey joked about his level of education with a contestant on The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

A contestant on The Price Is Right called out Drew Carey’s education and profession in a hilarious exchange on the game show.

Drew, 66, has hosted the popular show since taking over for the legendary Bob Barker in 2007.

He recently addressed his future as the game show host, indicating no plans to leave.

Drew seems intent on surpassing recently retired Pat Sajak and the late Alex Trebek in terms of the time he has hosted a game show.

Before arriving on The Price Is Right, viewers saw him starring in popular shows Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show.

Drew seems to have the right job, based on his and a contestant’s funny on-stage conversation.

A TPIR contestant threw a funny jab at Drew about being a ‘host’

On The July 2 episode of The Price Is Right, a contestant named Lillian had the closest bid to a prize in Contestant’s Row and joined Drew on stage.

After Lillian shook Drew’s hand, he asked about her Northwestern shirt and whether she had graduated from that school.

“No, I’m a third-year PhD student,” she told him.

“Oh, a PhD student,” Drew said as Lillian celebrated and the crowd cheered.

She played the Bonus Game for a trip to Spain worth over $13,000. In the game, she had to determine if the price shown for each of the four items was higher or lower. She correctly guessed the first two items.

“We might as well not even keep going,” Drew said, but Lillian said she wanted to keep playing.

“Ok, you’re the PhD,” Drew joked before admitting he was “thrown out of college twice.”

screengrab of drew carey and contestant during bonus game on the price is right july 2024 episode
Drew Carey laughed over a contestant’s jab on The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

“What’s the opposite of a PhD?” he asked.

“A talk show host,” she quickly replied, gesturing towards Drew.

He laughed at the jab as he hunched over and leaned against the game board.

“You know what? I’m not smart enough to be a talk show host,” Drew told her as she and the audience laughed.

He joked that all he does is reveal and display prices on the games, which is easier than hosting a talk show.

Drew had a low GPA and said he was ‘academically dismissed’ from college

Based on details about Drew, the actor, comedian, and game show host attended Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

While at the school, Drew was part of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

In 2013, US Weekly shared 25 things people may not have known about Drew. He mentioned his poor academic performance.

He said his “first GPA in college was 0.5,” which is “half a D.”

In addition, Drew said he was “academically dismissed from Kent State University” but later received an honorary degree.

After three years at Kent University, Drew chose to join the United States Marines Corps Reserve in 1981.

“I was like, ‘Well, I guess it’s time for me to join the military’ because that’s all that I could think of. I dropped out of college. I didn’t have any job skills, really. I showed up at the recruiting office. So I joined the Marine Corps. and that was it,” Drew said in 2021, per WKYC.

He served six years as a field radio operator with the 25th Marine Regiment in Ohio.

Background details about Drew reveal that some of his occupations before television included working as a waiter at Denny’s and a bank teller.

He won an open-mic contest in 1988, becoming the Cleveland Comedy Club’s emcee. The rest was history, as that was his big break, leading to further success in television.

In addition to his work on The Price Is Right, Whose Lines Is It Anyways?, and The Drew Carey Show, he’s worked with World Wrestling Entertainment with brief appearances. In 2011, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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