The Guardians rescue feral kittens and issue seasonal alert after tragic case

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Dori cleans up a feral kitten in this week’s emotional episode of The Guardians on Animal Planet

Animal Planet’s new series The Guardians makes for emotional viewing tonight — as we see Dori Scofield of animal organization Guardians of Rescue saving a litter of feral kittens.

The group has also issued a seasonal warning aimed at pet owners, after a tragic case where a dog was found frozen to death after being left outside.

Despite being plucked from the wild stretches of Long Island, the kittens featured in this week’s episode look to be in bad shape from the onset.

While all the kittens mew and squeak in her car, Dori says: “I think they are cheering — they are saying: ‘Yay, Dori is here!'”

Dori then takes the kittens to a Guardians of Rescue building, and reveals: “This one tiny shelter houses most of the Guardian of Rescue animals.”

After putting some ointment in the kittens’ eyes (this was not well received by the little furballs) she gently washes a small black kitten.

Speaking softly to the animal, she says: “Let’s get this smell and the fleas off of you.” Noticing the rinse water coming off the kittens is charcoal colored, she adds: “Eww, look at the water!”

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Talking about Guardians of Rescue, Dori says: “We are very, very small…but we are a small shelter with a big heart.”

As she examines one kitten she adds: “You can see that she’s really thin but you see she has a distended belly.”

Dori says of rescuing animals: “It’s a blessing and it’s a curse all at once, because your heart is broken every single day.”

She adds: “We have to still test them for FIV and leukemia [and] if they’re positive for either one of those is really nothing we can do. Feline leukemia is a deadly virus. FIV is contagious to other cats through bodily fluids.”

On tonight’s episode, titled The Angry King, we also see Rob and Moose investigate a dog-fighting claim.

In another scene, the partners and pals Brian and Face facilitate the rescue of King, a dog with a heartbreaking backstory.

Meanwhile, the Guardians of Rescue have issued a seasonal alert to members of the public after a tragic case where a dog was found frozen to death.

Volunteer Rob Misseri got in touch asking us to spread the message after seeing a picture of the tragic animal posted on social media.

The dog was left outside in freezing temperatures in Seaville, New Jersey. It froze to death before being discovered by police and reported to Shore Animal Control, who posted the image on their Facebook page in 2016.

The dog’s death and the stark and sad image served as the shelter’s warning to people to think and take in all animals from extreme temperatures.

The dog which was found frozen to death after being left outside in the cold
The dog which was found frozen to death after being left outside in the cold

Guardians of Rescue founder Rob Misseri said pet owners should always make sure their animals are kept warm and sheltered during the winter months.

He said: “We have seen way too many dogs that live outside with very poor shelter, and they suffer so much. The laws on leaving pets out like that are very weak, so we have to do what we can to help make a difference for the animals.”

“Every winter there are animals found dead, injured, or ill because they are not being properly taken care of. Our team puts in a great effort to help as many pets as we can, but we don’t do it all on our own.

“We are urging communities to get involved in helping to keep the pets in their area safe throughout the winter chill.”

Pets should always be indoors during cold temperatures, especially when the mercury drops below 40℉.

Misseri offered these tips for dog owners:

  • Shorten your dog’s walk when it’s very cold to help protect you both.
  • Elderly pets need help and owner spotting as they attempt walking on snow and ice.
  • Short-haired pets will usually feel the cold more than those with more fur and body fat.
  • When bringing your pet back in from a walk in the snow or on ice, be sure to clean and wipe them down to remove any de-icing chemicals that may be on their fur.
  • For those who cannot keep their dog inside, get a heated dog house, so they are kept warm during the winter.
  • If you see a dog left out in the cold, report it! They suffer horribly and need people to stand up and speak out for them.
  • Did you know that a common deadly substance that pets come in contact with is antifreeze? Because it tastes good they will drink it, making it crucial that any spilled on the ground is quickly cleaned up.
  • Never leave pets alone in a vehicle during the cold weather or the hot weather.

To inquire and find out more or contact the Guardians of Rescue for help, visit:

The Guardians airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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