Starving horses on The Guardians show animal abuse also happens in rich areas

A case of starving horses on Animal Planet’s The Guardians tonight highlights how animal abuse can take place anywhere — even in affluent neighborhoods. The episode sees Marceline and Elle — two members of the Guardians of Rescue animal protection organization featured in the show — investigate a claim that two horses being kept in a wealthy


Doggie drone deployed on The Guardians

This week on The Guardians, the team use a drone to check out reports of dogs on a hot tin roof. Access is a bit tricky so they call in support in the form of a friend with a drone. He uses this to get a top down view of the roof and sure enough

The Guardians rescue feral kittens and issue seasonal alert after tragic case

Animal Planet’s new series The Guardians makes for emotional viewing tonight — as we see Dori Scofield of animal organization Guardians of Rescue saving a litter of feral kittens. The group has also issued a seasonal warning aimed at pet owners, after a tragic case where a dog was found frozen to death after being left


The Guardians on Animal Planet is a Justice League for the four-legged

This Guardians review is based on the premiere: The Puppy Flipper Sting of Long Island. The tableaux is set in Long Island, New York: A diverse group of animal activists sit at a table and review covert film taken of some horrific and shady puppy sales. Animal Planet’s The Guardians, which premieres tonight, is a