Starving horses on The Guardians show animal abuse also happens in rich areas

One of the starving horses investigated on this week's The Guardians on Animal Planet
One of the starving horses investigated on this week’s The Guardians on Animal Planet

A case of starving horses on Animal Planet’s The Guardians tonight highlights how animal abuse can take place anywhere — even in affluent neighborhoods.

The episode sees Marceline and Elle — two members of the Guardians of Rescue animal protection organization featured in the show — investigate a claim that two horses being kept in a wealthy area are malnourished.

When they turn up the horses are evidently thin, with their ribs visible through their coats — and the pens they are being kept in have no food, and only stagnant-looking water.

The pair are shocked by what they see and are even more disturbed when the horses start stomping their feet.

The horse's ribs, which can be seen clearly through its skin
The horse’s ribs, which can be seen clearly through its coat

Marceline says: “I was told that when horses stomp, that’s their way of communicating. And if you’re feeding them and they stomp, that means they want you to give them more.”

She adds: “The first thing we need to do is go away and bring these animals back some food.”

The Guardians of Rescue is a non-profit in Smithtown, New York, which is made up of volunteers who come to the aid of animals that need help. You can find out more about the group in our interview with executive director Dori Scofield.

Also on tonight’s The Guardians the horse case progresses, and the group helps a homeless vet and some cats caught up in a feud.

The Guardians airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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