Previewing Animal Planet’s The Zoo: San Diego Zoo

Animal Planet’s The Zoo is expanding. Following the format of The Zoo, with the Bronx Zoo animals and its keepers, production relocated to the sunny haven of San Diego. The new spinoff series features the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Premiering this Saturday with a two-hour premiere, The Zoo: San Diego Zoo introduces viewers


The Aquarium on Animal Planet exclusive: Charlie the penguin hates eye exams!

Animal Planet’s The Aquarium tonight features a penguin named Charlie who undergoes a medical procedure. And just like humans, he hates seeing the doctor or having things put in his eyes! Even eye drops. The series features behind the scenes footage and stories from the aquatic life and aquarists at the Georgia Aquarium every Sunday

Exclusive interview: ‘Singing vet’ and his brother on how viral video led to Animal Planet’s new show Hanging with the Hendersons

Animal Planet’s exciting new series,  Hanging with the Hendersons, which premieres this Friday, is all about a family involved in the business of caring for animals in Colorado. But it nearly didn’t happen, and only came about after one visitor from Northern Ireland overstayed his American visa. Read on! Two years ago, the Henderson’s world blew up when the now 30-year-old veterinarian, Dr. Ross Henderson,