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Exclusive video preview: Animal Planet’s I Was Prey sees nature flip script on humans in horrifying attacks

By land or sea, there are a lot of animals that would like to eat you up. Pic credit: Animal Planet
By land or sea, there are a lot of animals that would like to eat you up. Pic credit: Animal Planet

Animal Planet’s hit series I Was Prey returns in August and Monsters & Critics’ exclusive sneak peek of the new season shows that the tables turn quickly for humans out in the wild.

The clip is a fascinating look around the world as people describe their idyllic days-turned-nightmares as they found themselves being hunted.

What is I Was Prey all about?

It’s the opposite of humans going on hunting trips for animals. It’s nothing personal as certain mammals and aquatic apex predators get hungry and people are just protein.

Animal Planet’s docu-series recounts chilling true stories of people who lived to tell about their life or death situations. These people met insane animal encounters that, for the unlucky, would have served them up for dinner.

People found themselves face-to-face with an animal with the potential to kill. Hippos, bears, snakes, wolves, sharks, lions — you name the apex predator and there is someone out there with a tale that will turn you agoraphobic.

In our clip, we hear first-person accounts of how people were in nature enjoying their solitude only to be set upon by [fill in the blank] animal and one man even says he was being eaten alive.

Not sure if his limbs survived the attack, so we will be glued to the screen when this airs on the network.

What are some true animal encounter stories out there?

Wes Siler wrote How To Survive A Grizzly Bear Attack for, saying it is a different survival strategy when it comes to bears:

“Like most people who enjoy the outdoors, I came into this with some basic knowledge of the grizzly. I knew that their attacks aren’t typically motivated by predation, so unlike a black bear or mountain lion, you’re supposed to play dead if one attacks you. I knew that running away was a bad idea. And I knew that I needed to be careful with food storage and smells while camping.”

Tiffany Johnson told her story on YouTube about surviving her shark attack. She said:

“I felt like I had bumped into something and when I turned I was face to face with a shark and he had my whole arm in his mouth. We were just staring at each other like time stood still… and I started to have all these thoughts I felt like my body was like giving in like a release. Almost like giving up but the strength of the Lord just came out from inside me and it gave me the strength to fight and I remember thinking no you are not going to take my life I am not gonna die here. I kept yanking and finally his his jaws opened, my arm kind of just flew out, and I remember it was just gone like a mangled stone.”

Animal Planet’s hit series I Was Prey returns Friday, August 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

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