Pit Bulls and Parolees exclusive: Overcoming shyness with a ‘Hooligan’ works for Mariah’s rescue

Tia's daughter Mariah explains in great detail her strategy to get Jaime out of his shell and socialize. Pic credit: Animal Planet.
Tia’s daughter Mariah explains in great detail her strategy to get Jaime out of his shell and socialize. Pic credit: Animal Planet.

Monsters & Critics has an adorable exclusive preview of the next Pit Bulls and Parolees episode airing this Saturday, February 29.

In it, we see that shyness with dogs can be overcome with gentle dog-centric training, and often this temperament issue is as problematic as being overly aggressive.

In our exclusive clip, we see the slow but steady progression of Jaime and Hooligan getting used to each other as Mariah and Orlando watch, enthused that the two dogs are finally playing after a tough start.

What starts as gently sniffing and “doggie handshakes” escalates into jumping and playing energetically with each other.

Tia Torres’ daughter Mariah has a small black pit bull that her sister and Orlando found, and we see in the clip that Jaime is terrified of everything.

Hooligan, Orlando’s dog, is then brought in and used to help Jaime break out of his timid shell.

“It’s okay, buddy, I know… you’re scared,” says Mariah to little Jaime.

Orlando brings Hooligan over and asks: “Is he afraid of big guys too?”

“We use a confident dog as an emotional support, it’s their therapy dog,” explains Mariah.

This is a total heart warmer as the strategy works.

The methods they use are a calm environment and allowing the more playful dog (Hooligan) to try to coax out the playfulness in Jaime that is there, but for whatever reason, has been beaten or scared out of him.

“You saw a whole different dog flipping around with Hooligan,” says Mariah.

His doggie backstory will be made fully evident on the episode airing on Saturday.

What happens on Pit Bulls and Parolees?

In this episode, Tania and Mariah struggle to rescue this very scared puppy that is hiding underneath a shed.

Also, a potential adopter comes to Villalobos hoping to find a companion for her dog. She’s only interested in seeing hounds, which is the dog breed the rescue shelter typically has the hardest time finding homes for, so the team is very excited.

And after lots of hard work and commitment, a beloved employee learns that he’s finally off parole and can breathe easier.

The puppy Tania retrieves and Mariah trains was originally hiding under a shed as an incredibly terrified puppy, scared of everything. But, once he makes a friend (Hooligan), he starts to break out of his shell and it’s the cutest damn thing you will see today:

Exclusive preview of overcoming shyness on Pit Bulls and Parolees:

Mariah is the shyness whisperer as she and Orlando brainstorm on getting Jaime to play:

Pit Bulls and Parolees airs Saturday at t 9PM ET/PT on Animal Planet.

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