Doggie drone deployed on The Guardians

Drone time on The Guardians
Drone time on The Guardians as they investigate reports of dogs on a roof

This week on The Guardians, the team use a drone to check out reports of dogs on a hot tin roof.

Access is a bit tricky so they call in support in the form of a friend with a drone. He uses this to get a top down view of the roof and sure enough two dogs are loose on the roof and sounding a little distressed.

Drones are now used not just in human disaster zones but also in rescuing animals. There low price, ease of use and small size make them perfect for looking for animals in trouble and sizing up a situation before jumping in.

Also on this week’s episode, neighbor causes problems for a dog owner and a person hoarding cats is not what they seem.

Watch The Guardians – Doggie Drone Deployment at 10 PM on Animal Planet.

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