The fate of Steve Rogers’ notebook revealed in Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers Notebook TWS
Steve Rogers’ notebook Pic credit: Marvel Studios

One of the Marvel Cinematic Universes‘ best relationships is the one between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Bucky Barnes. One could even argue that Captain America’s entire MCU storyline involves his love for his friend-turned-brother in Bucky. 

When the most recent episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier brings about another connection between the two, it’s tear-inducing. Not to mention, it also ends up connecting to another of Steve’s best friends, Sam Wilson.

Audiences finally learn exactly what happened to Cap’s notebook, the one seen at the beginning of The Winter Soldier, during his first meeting with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). 

Steve and Sam’s meet-cute.

As the two met for the first time, Sam suggested for Steve to check out a Marvin Gaye album. Steve promptly scribbled the recommendation down in a notebook.

The notebook is where Steve kept track of other pop-culture content that he missed during his 70-year frozen absence from society. It was one of the MCU’s great examples of deeper character development and humanizing Captain America.

Steve Rogers Notebook Zemo.
Pic credit: Disney Plus.

The newest episode of the new Disney Plus series is all about how Rogers’ two best friends, Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Sam (Anthony Mackie) have to find their place in the world as heroes, without him. 

Despite Rogers never making an appearance, and presumably never making an appearance in this series, his influence is always felt. And never more significantly than through an object held in high regards.

Not the Shield though. 

Steve Rogers’ notebook makes an appearance in the first episode.

Steve Rogers Notebook Duo.
Pic credit: Disney Plus.

In the first episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Bucky is seen keeping a list of people he’s wronged during his time as the Winter Soldier. It’s a part of his therapy. 

Bucky is making it a point to apologize and atone for his actions to those people, with varying levels of difficulty. Which is a huge character thread for the character, and a look into his mindset for this series. 

In the latest episode, Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) reveals how the notebook Bucky is using, is the same one as Steve’s. Prompting Sam to inquire if Bucky was following the list of recommendations that he gave Steve, including the Marvin Gaye album.

This leads to a hilarious conversation between the three. However, it’s a much deeper example of the strong bond between Bucky and Steve, as he is using his friends’ notebook in such a deeply personal way. It’s terrific writing and one of the reasons this series is so great.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney Plus. 

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