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The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 details: More episodes than ever before plus new artwork

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 artwork
The new artwork for The Curse of Oak Island Season 6. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 will feature a massive 30 hours of footage, History has revealed.

The announcement was made as new artwork for the season ahead was released by the network.

The series’ sister show The Curse of Civil War Gold was also confirmed to be returning for a second season.

The new artwork for The Curse of Oak Island depicts a silhouetted Marty and Rick Lagina, the brothers at the centre of the hunt for treasure on Oak Island.

Holding a pick-axe and a metal-detector, they are stood atop a mound of dirt alongside a backhoe. That image is superimposed on top of another one depicting a shovel digging up dirt.

The shovel lies on a yellow background and beside a black area, both of which feature contour lines and symbolize the Nova Scotian island and the sea that surrounds it.

The new The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 artwork was released on the show’s Facebook page yesterday, coinciding with History’s official announcement that the series had been renewed for a sixth season — set to premiere next month on November 13.

The announcement also revealed that the new season would feature a massive 30 hours of footage. That is far more than any other previous season, although follows a trend for a rise in the number of episodes each year.

The first season only featured five episodes, while Season 2 featured 10, Season 3 featured 13, Season 4 featured 16 and Season 5 featured 18.

It is not yet known whether any of the 30 hours will be combined into two-hour specials, or whether there will be 30 separate weekly episodes.

It is however already known that the new season will feature an excavation of the island’s famous Smith’s Cove, further work in the legendary Money Pit area — and the discovery of gold.

The Curse of Oak Island was revealed to be among six shows renewed by the network, with History confirming it would be returning for a “massive 30-hour season six order”.

The other renewed shows are The Curse of Civil War Gold — which also features Marty Lagina as he helps fund a search for lost confederate bullion — along with Alone, Swamp People, Mountain Men and Truck Night in America.

History also revealed it had given the green light to five new series: Yamashita’s Gold (working title); American Butcher (working title); Ax Men Reborn (working title); Brothers in Arms and Knight Fight.

Yamashita’s Gold follows a hunt for treasure believed to be worth billions of dollars and rumored to have been hidden in underground tunnels in Japan at the end of WWII. Meanwhile, Brothers in Arms follows Rocco Vargas and Eli Cuevas, the new owners of Banditos Armory in Ogden, UT, as they aim to become “the best one-stop shop for all things military”.

Knight Fight delves into the Armored Combat League — also commonly known as the “Medieval MMA” or “Knight Fight Club” — while American Butcher is a competition series pitting Master Butchers against each other.

Ax Men Reborn follows loggers in the Pacific Northwest, and comes after History series Ax Men originally aired for nine seasons from 2008 to 2016.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 premieres November 13 on History.

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