The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s no messing about now as team begins pulling earth out of the Money Pit

Rick and Marty are excited
Marty and Rick Lagina are determined to dig up the treasure, and they think the time has come. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team begins digging at the Money Pit, and the guys welcome a local dignitary to witness the start of excavation.

Last week, the show was all about preparing for the ‘big dig,’ which included the arrival of numerous pieces of heavy machinery and delegating various tasks to the guys.

We have had a couple of weeks of the guys talking about and planning the excavation, now, this week, it seems like it might actually be happening. In the short and sweet words of the History Channel episode descriptor: “The wait is over. The dig begins.”

There is one last bit of equipment set to arrive, and that’s the giant casing oscillator. This will help keep the enormous drill shaft stable in the loose and weakened ground. As it arrived, Rick Lagina noted that it “looks like a battleship.

Nova Scotia’s premier arrives on Oak Island for the ‘big dig’

We also have the arrival of a politician on the island. The Fellowship of the Dig have had their issues with government departments in the past; this season they ran afoul of Nova Scotia’s Dept. of Communities, Culture, and Heritage (CCH), which ordered them to cease activities in a large area of the swamp after finding an ancient First Nation artifact.

At the time, Marty Lagina was not shy about his anger at this intervention. However, according to a preview, the team now finds themselves in the position of welcoming Nova Scotia’s premier, Tim Houston, to the island.

Houston was heard telling the brothers, “let’s go find the treasure,” to which Rick Lagina jokingly told him to “get your shovel.” The guys will know they’re on to something big to get a visit from such an illustrious individual.

The appearance of Houston shows just what a big deal this is; now, folks are starting to pay attention. The Lagina brothers are super confident too; in a preview, Marty said he was experiencing “the highest expectation I’ve ever had because [of] the physical presence of gold.”

No doubt, Marty was referring to the scientific analysis performed last year by Dr. Ian Spooner, which uncovered the presence of silver, and later gold, in water buried under the Money Pit.

The oscillator on Oak Island
Rick Lagina thinks this piece of oscillator equipment looks like a battleship. Pic credit: History

Interesting artifact means the mystery continues on Oak Island

But it won’t be solely about the ‘big dig’ tonight; the guys also have an expert in the War Room to discuss what appears to be a very interesting artifact.

The expert in question, who may be chemist Christa Brosseau, but this is unconfirmed, tells the team that the item is “a really early bag seal,” and the motif reads “ET,” which means none other than the Treasury of England.

Seal of the English treasury
An expert says this image shows the seal of the Treasury of England. Pic credit: History

The Lagina’s will be hoping that this means treasure bound for England or taken from the English was squirreled away on Oak Island. The guys have long suspected that the English or British military may have buried something on the island. This theory has been bolstered by the discovery of British military buttons and oxen shoes.

The Curse of Oak Island airs 9/8c on History.

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1 year ago

I was very surprised to see the Premier arrive with just his wife! States in America provide State Police Security for Governors! Perhaps leadership positions in the USA are more dangerous? Maybe there were security personnel off camera?

1 year ago

All I can say it’s about time

Wayne Gamble
Wayne Gamble
1 year ago

Security would be an unnecessary cost. No Candian Premier has every been assassinated