The Curse of Oak Island preview: Team unearths new artifacts from island lore

Rick Lagina and Craig Tester on Oak Island
Rick Lagina was delighted that they’d found an eyebolt on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, Gary Drayton is busy pulling artifacts out of the ground, including a lock, possibly for an old treasure chest.

The show is back on our screens following their midseason break, and they seem to have a renewed determination to unearth the Money Pit.

Marty Lagina has always been an impatient man of action, and he wants results; in the preview, we hear him say, “I’m so sick of finding wood.”

This is a sentiment shared by many fans of the show, and it caused laughter amongst the rest of the guys, but fingers crossed, they now have a proper plan.

The team will continue this week with the two key areas of research that have evolved this season; the stone pathway in the swamp and the drilling in the Money Pit area.

Since Craig Tester emerged with a new drilling schedule, the guys at the Money Pit area seem to be making more progress. They’ve started exploring virgin ground, and they’re coming up with lots of wood.

Ok, ok, yes, just like Marty, many of us are getting bored with wood.

But if the Fellowship is to find any treasure, they need to find the wood that encases the loot first. And this episode will see the guys find wood where they’ve not looked before.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team are still trying to uncover the direction of the stone pathway, and it’s here that the guys dug up two artifacts.

The History Channel episode description for this week reads:

“As the team follows the trajectory of the mysterious stone pathway in the swamp, they discover an elusive piece of Oak Island lore. And Gary uncovers evidence suggesting a treasure was, or is, nearby.”

History Channel

And it seems as though fans of Gary Drayton will be happy this week as he’s a key player in the episode. The metal detectorist has been responsible for a lot of the big finds this season, and he’s bagged another two this week.

Gary Drayton is finding all the artifacts this week

Gary Drayton has found a bolt on Oak Island
Gary Drayton has found a bolt on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

His first find was a very large ring or eye bolt, which is supposedly connected to Oak Island legend. There are reports of various eye bolts being uncovered by searchers throughout the island’s history.

Gary finds an old lock for a trunk or chest

Gary’s second find is a little more exciting, though; it’s a lock. The guys took the lock to Blacksmith expert Carmen Legge, who confirmed that it’s a lock for a trunk or a heavy chest. Obviously, and straight away, the guys all thought ‘treasure chest.’

An old lock found on Oak Island
Could this lock have belonged to a tresure chest? Pic credit: History

Let’s hope they can find that chest, asap!

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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Curtis Eugene Miller
Curtis Eugene Miller
2 years ago

In one of your pictures of the eye of the swamp where you had a drone take a picture I noticed where exactly the eye is straight to the right of the air maybe 12 yards the edge of an eye if you line it up on the map that show the eye of the swamp