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The Curse of Oak Island preview: Steve Guptill says, ‘We found the ship in the swamp!’

Rick Lagina in the swamp
Rick Lagina is contemplating all the treasure they’ve yet to uncover. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8, Episode 21 airs tonight, and it’s all happening in the swamp, as the team uncovers more evidence of an ancient ship buried in the strange marshy land.

“We found the ship in the swamp!” exclaimed Steve Guptill; however, he should know by now that making assumptions on Oak Island is never a good idea. That said, it seems that several finds in and around the swamp area have got the team all excited this week.

Unfortunately, the guys called an end to their search for the Money Pit last week, as a lack of results combined with the approach of winter and the end of the season meant there was no point in continuing with the borehole drilling.

And judging from this episode’s previews, the guys have now thrown all their efforts behind excavating the mysterious stone roadway in the swamp along with the many strange features in the surrounding area.

The History Channel’s episode description confirms that the team will mostly be working in this area: “With winter approaching and time running out, the fellowship unearths the most compelling evidence yet that a ship may have been buried in the swamp.”

Does a handrail prove existence of a buried ship?

Therefore, the whole team has donned their rain jackets and is scrambling about in the swamp, and it appears they had some success when what looked like a handrail was uncovered. After further investigation, the guys deemed it came from an ancient ship.

Two years ago, the guys performed a round of seismic testing on the swamp that showed up a ship-shaped object at the bottom of the marshy area. Ever since then, they’ve theorized that a Spanish galleon laden with treasure was unloaded, burned, and sunk in the swamp.

Anomaly at the bottom of the swamp
Seismic testing showed this ship-shaped anomaly at the bottom of the swamp. Pic credit: History

In the last couple of years, they’ve found various artifacts that may have come off a ship in this area. Several burned objects have also lent credence to the theory that the ship was burned. Apparently, they now have even more evidence to add to the pile.

An old artifact from the swamp is dated to the mid-1400s

Oak Island Historian Doug Crowell spends vast amounts of time researching old files, archives, and records from the enigmatic island, and it seems as though he’s rediscovered an old artifact that was initially located in the swamp 50 years ago. It’s unclear exactly what the object is, but the guys are excited and intrigued by it.

Artifact from 1400s
Carmen Legge says this mysterious artifact is from the mid-1400s. Pic credit: History

They take the object to blacksmith expert Carmen Legge who, incredibly, dates the item to around the 1400s; he also states that it is “something to do with weapons of some sort.” That seems rather vague, and it’s unclear if it’s connected to the ship’s railing, but hopefully, all will be revealed tonight.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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