The Curse of Oak Island: Who is researcher and historian Doug Crowell

The Curse of Oak Island: Who is researcher and historian Doug Crowell
The Curse of Oak Island researcher and historian Doug Crowell. Pic credit: HISTORY

On The Curse of Oak Island, the judicious but jovial historian and researcher Doug Crowell doesn’t get abundant airtime, but when he speaks it packs a punch.

On this week’s episode, Clue or False, the accomplished researcher makes an offhand observation that could prove to be prophetic.

Who is the bespeckled man with the studious demeanor?

Along with his partner Kel Hancock, Crowell heads up Blockhouse Investigations, a team of researchers, investigators, and consultants described as:

“We are who we are – just a great bunch of Atlantic Canadians with adventurous spirits and a keen interest in the legends and mysteries of our region and beyond.” 

Crowell and his team spend their time investigating the plentiful historic facets associated with Atlantic Canada, “Whether we’re scouring file archives or hiking in the forest, we’re always up to something neat.”

Crowell first appeared on the History Channel’s documentary reality series in 2016 in the episode, Going for Broke. Since that time he has proven to be an invaluable team member appearing in over 30 episodes.

In his debut, he introduced the team to the late historian Zena Halpern, a New York-based researcher.

Zena shared with Crowell the popular theory that the Knights Templar, a medieval Christian monastic/military organization, buried valuable artifacts on Oak Island after their order was suppressed in 1307.

The theory has its share of detractors and supporters, but the treasure hunting team led by Rick and Marty Lagina were intrigued enough to interview Zena and consider her ideas.

Eventually, Rick ventured to her home to scrutinize her wealth of documents, and following her death, the team installed a research center in her honor on the island.

Obviously, Doug’s word carries weight with the team. On this week’s episode, someone unearths a soggy piece of dark material believed to be leather, and Doug yells, “You gotta find a little leather before you find the gold!”

The team’s ears pricked up at the sound of his auspicious utterance. Is Doug about to be proven right?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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