The Curse of Oak Island preview: New theory to link island with France and Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Marty Lagina on the hunt on Oak Island
Marty Lagina thinks he knows where the treasure is buried. Pic credit: History

On The Curse of Oak Island this week, we can expect to see an expert theory that links Oak Island with medieval France and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Could this be more evidence of possible ancient Christian religious artifacts on Oak Island? It sure looks that way. In the meantime, excavations of the strange Lot 15 will be continuing this week as they edge closer to finding a tunnel that links to the Money Pit.

The last two weeks have seen a few more mysteries crop up on this enigmatic island as the list of possible ancient visitors keeps growing.

So far, we’ve heard stories of Spanish galleons, pirates, and Knights Templar, among many others visiting the island, and after last week’s episode, it seems we can throw the British military and possibly the Chinese into the mix as well.

The discovery of several British made ox-shoes has led the team to suspect that the old Empire’s military transported a large cargo between the swamp and Lot 15. And if the guys’ suspicion that there’s a tunnel leading from Lot 15 to the Money Pit proves correct, then it begs the question; were the Brits transporting and burying valuables?

And then there’s the discovery of a mysterious coin that the experts think might be Chinese. Were they also on the island?

It looks like this week we’re going to get the first theory-heavy episode of the new season. The network blurb points to a theory that involves two mysterious human-made structures uncovered on the island. Fingers crossed, we get a plausible theory that might tie together all these mysteries.

The synopsis for the new episode reads as follows:

“The team is amazed when an evolving theory accurately identifies two man-made anomalies that they believe may be landmarks created to pinpoint the Money Pit.”

A giant arc stretching from Jerusalem to Oak Island?

It appears that the guys will be consulting more academics, and judging by the network preview, one of them has a theory involving a giant four-kilometer menorah in France, which appears to be at the center of a giant arc stretching from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to Oak Island.

A giant arc sweeps from Jerusalem through France to Oak Island
A giant arc sweeps from Jerusalem through France to Oak Island. Pic credit: History

It seems like we’re going to get more theories on the Knights Templar and religious artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

The show has had some pretty wild and out-there theories over the seasons, but they are always a lot of fun and very fascinating. We look forward to this one.

Searching for a tunnel at Lot 15

In the meantime, on the more practical side, we can expect to see a lot more digging at Lot 15 as the guys attempt to locate this fabled tunnel that leads to the Money Pit.

And as always, we’ll see Gary Drayton swinging his metal detector. This week he’s partnered with Peter Fornetti, and it looks like they might have found more than one ax head. Gary has been having a great season so far; long may it continue.

Gary's found an ax head
It appears as though Gary has found a well-preserved ax head. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Carl Harkins
Carl Harkins
3 years ago

The giant arc theory is not correct. I tested this using Google Earth. The arc from Temple Mount through the centerline of the Versailles property is correct, (angle = 314.14 degrees). But, when you continue on that angle westward, you end up on the west side of Nova Scotia, halfway between Apple River and West Apple River. The arc direct from Temple Mount to the Oak Island Swamp Eye is at 313.10 degrees and passes several miles south of the Versailles palace grounds.

3 years ago
Reply to  Carl Harkins

I found a similar result using –

If you use the direction of the “Versailles Cross” as a compass heading, it gets you to within about 9 miles of the Temple Mount. That’s pretty darn close considering the total distance. I tried to find something on the internet concerning the orientation of Versailles to Jerusalem, but could not find a single thing. It’s hard to believe that alignment is a coincidence.

Using the “Versailles Cross” to point west, you get about 56 miles from Oak Island, and like you said it passes to the NW through the Bay of Fundy. It’s still kind of close though.

So what to make from this? It’s plausible that Versailles was layed out (late 17th century) with Jerusalem in mind. There’s a “Crusades” room in the palace, but it wasn’t started until 1837. Still, the Jerusalem thing may have been important to the original architects. The connection to Oak Island is a lot harder to make. The line passes kind of close, but without other evidence it seems like wild speculation.