The Curse of Oak Island: New theory suggests Knights Templar buried Ark of the Covenant in swamp

The Oak Island team sat in the War Room
The lads gathered in the War Room to discuss the theory. Pic credit: History

A fascinating theory has been developing in the last couple of episodes of The Curse of Oak Island that could solve the Oak Island mystery.

A small group of experts has been working with the crew on the island and has come up with a theory that involves the Knights Templar, the all-seeing eye, and possibly the Ark of the Covenant.

It all started last week with theorist Corjan Mol.

Mol has been studying the paintings of Nicolas Poussin, 1594 -1665, who was a leading painter in the classical French Baroque style. Mol had discovered that three of Poussin’s paintings made what he thought were references to Oak Island and buried treasure.

3 of Pouisson's paintings
Poussin paintings have hidden clues to buried treasure on Oak Island: Pic credit: History

Following the geometric shapes that Poussin had embedded in his paintings, Mol argued that when superimposed beside Nolan’s Cross on the swamp, the paintings appeared to be pointing to a specific spot; they looked like a map and X marked the spot.

Poussin's painting marks the spot
Poussin’s painting marks the spot. Pic credit: History

This week, Mol was back in the War Room, and fellow theorist Chris Morford joined him. The pair had discovered another painting that revealed the “all-seeing eye.” A symbol that is universally known to represent the Illuminati and their predecessors, the Knights Templar.

This discovery seems to correlate with their theory that Poussin was privy to secret information about hidden treasure on Oak Island. He embedded clues in his paintings that all pointed to the loot being buried at the Eye of the swamp, exactly where the team previously discovered some kind of buried structure.

“That’s the hardest part [of the swamp] to dig,” laments Marty.

Their basic theory is the Knights Templar discovered the Ark of the Covenant along with other treasures sometime after 1095. Mol believes that at some point, they left Europe for the new world, perhaps fleeing persecution. He thinks they took the treasure with them and buried it on Oak Island. The swamp was created to hide it all.

At this point, enter Dr. Ian Spooner, who’s been digging for samples at two sites in the swamp. At the Eye, he says the ground underneath has been disturbed, and he thinks there was a significant excavation done in that area around 1675. Was someone looking for the Ark of the Covenant in 1675?

A second sample from another part of the swamp led Dr. Spooner to say, “the swamp was initiated in 1220 AD.” What he meant was that he believes the marshy land is human-made and that it was created in the 13th Century.

The Geoscientist said, “something super big was going on here.”

“It’s Templar baby,” exclaimed Gary Drayton as all they all starting showing their excitement.

Dr Ian Spooner presenting evidence
Dr. Ian Spooner presenting evidence that the swamp was made in 1220 AD. Pic credit: History

Rick says that discovering the Templars were in Nova Scotia in the 13th Century would change the course of history and, for him, would be “better than any treasure.”

Even Marty, who has never made his dislike of the swamp a secret, said: “I’m getting all enthused about the swamp, come on man.”

Those fans who said the swamp would be important this season must be feeling quite smug around about now.

The Curse Of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Shawn Sempel
Shawn Sempel
1 year ago

The Ark of the Covenant is no longer on the island! It was removed in the 1700’s and taken to southwest Missouri and stored in an elaborate underground complex.
How do I KNOW this?
Iam a descendant of The Great Lord Semple. We along with the Sinclairs helped the Templars bring it to Oak Island. There is nothing left on Oak Island! It has all been removed 300 years ago! That is why you find artifacts from the 1300’s and 1400’s and also the 1600’s and 1700’s!
EA is MY FATHER! The true Creator of you humans! I carry the Anunnaki bloodline of Cain! My mother was a Rommel! Mitochondrial DNA!
Sincerely The Left Handed American Idiot!
You need to understand the Hopi Prophecy! It has been fullfilled!
Giant Rock!
They have giving ME the name Achilles!
God Bless!
They are back! And it is almost time!

6 months ago
Reply to  Shawn Sempel

FUNNY , because I’m the PRINCE of eziekel not SATAN , the one who eats bread before the LORD , they brought me the ARK in 1982/3 , that is how the KENNITES / children of CAIN got the last batch of TECHNOLIGY. then the box went east and was put in OAK ISLAND thanks to TIME TRAVEL , that is why the devils city D.C has the GAINT dildo and another false religion……..we will soon see , i have one wish left……………….