The Curse of Oak Island preview: It’s the final shot at the Money Pit for this season

Rick Lagina at the Oak Island Money Pit
Rick Lagina keeps a close eye on the digging at the Money Pit. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team begins digging their fourth and final shaft of the season in their last effort to uncover the treasure at the Money Pit.

This week, it looks set to be an absolutely action-packed episode on Oak Island. The team will continue digging for the Chappell Vault at the Money Pit, but there’s also a new excavation on Lot 8 and a new theory about the Ark of the Covenant.

Oak Island team takes one last shot at the Chappell Vault

The guys have commenced drilling the fourth shaft, known as DMT2, in honor of Craig Tester’s son, and this will be the team’s final attempt this season to retrieve the fabled Chappell Vault.

According to a preview, the hammer grab pulled a large sheet of metal out of this shaft, which caused the guys to conclude they’d found William Chappell’s shield.

In the 1930s, Chappell’s team placed a metal shield in their shaft to protect themselves from floodwater and cave-ins. It’s thought the shield was only a few feet away from the actual treasure vault. Therefore, if they have found the shield, they’re also really close to the treasure.

In another preview, Marty Lagina, perhaps the more level-headed of the two brothers, confidently stated, “the vault; we’re about 30 feet above it right now.” So the guys are remaining super optimistic about finding the treasure.

The History Channel episode description reads:

“A new theory suggests Lot 8 may be hiding one of the most sought after missing religious artifacts in history.”

Oak Island team explore more of Lot 8

Ever since the team was told by members of CSR GeoSurveys Ltd that a metal-based anomaly lies underground in Lot 8, the guys have become fascinated with this area. Last week, ground-penetrating radar revealed the possible presence of a shaft at about 20 feet below the surface.

In tonight’s episode, they’ll waste no time getting a digger to the spot. And judging from the preview, they’ve already found a paved area that Marty states is “clearly manmade.”

The area around Lot 8 is largely unexplored, so this opens up many new possibilities for artifact and treasure hunting.

The episode description also indicates viewers can expect another expert theory in tonight’s episode. And a preview does show the guys listening to a presentation in the War Room. The team is told that an artifact they’ve found could be a stone from the breastplate of a masonic high priest. The expert then discusses the ancient religious relic, the Ark of the Covenant, and suggests it might be buried on Oak Island.

Masonic breastplate from Oak Island
A masonic breastplate as shown by an expert to the Oak Island team. Pic credit: History

The team has long theorized that the Templar Knights may have reached Oak Island during the middle ages and buried ancient religious artifacts and relics they had plundered from Jerusalem.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Connie Adams
Connie Adams
11 months ago

This week was very exciting…cant wait till next episode. Each week .the history gets more exciting….that is the true treasure

Wendy West
Wendy West
11 months ago

I don’t get to see this episode until Sunday. That breastplate has 12 stones. Each stone represents the 12 tribes of Israel and it was worn by the High Priest when he entered the Holy Temple.