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The Curse of Oak Island: An ancient artifact leads to more theories of Templar Knights

Oak Island team members in a car
Charles Barkhouse, Doug Crowell, and Rick Lagina are excited about heading to today’s dig. Pic credit: History

This week on episode 22 of Season 8 of The Curse of Oak Island, there was more crushing disappointment, but also a mysterious ancient tool which may be more evidence linking the island to the Templar Knights.

On Oak Island, disappointment follows excitement as sure as night follows day, and this episode was no exception. Last week the team were thrilled to find more evidence that an ancient galleon ship might be buried in the swamp, and this week they hoped to dig it up.

Unfortunately, the more Billy Gerhardt’s digger tried to bring up the muddy, soupy clay, the more water kept rushing it. It soon became clear that the guys will need to install a cofferdam to prevent the water from rushing in. They, therefore, decided that digging up the ship will have to wait for the Spring and next season. Gutted.

Gary Drayton keeps uncovering artifacts

However, the guys still managed to uncover some really fascinating artifacts this week, one of which may actually be related to the ship in the swamp. Gary Drayton’s metal detector located what looked like a massive but broken iron bar, which he thought was a ringbolt.

But Aaron Taylor stated that it most likely came off a sailing ship. He also said the object had been subjected to intense burning, which added fuel to the theory that a galleon was burned before being sunk in the swamp.

It was also Gary who came across this week’s other big find; a wooden carpenter’s tool that the guys concluded was a stonemason’s tool. This got the guys all excited because the stonemasons were connected to the shadowy Freemasons who had their origins with the Templar Knights.

The team has previously found symbols associated with the Freemasons on Oak Island, including crosses, triangles, and the letter G, which stands for God or Grand architect.

They had the item carbon dated, and even archaeologist Aaron Taylor was shocked by its age. It was dated from 1632 to 1688, which is an incredible 160 years before the Money Pit was first found.

Stonemason's tool on Oak Island
A stonemason’s tool found on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

A theory on the Templar Knights gets the Oak Island team digging

The find encouraged the guys to call in expert theorist Philip Stevenson so he could tell them more about his belief that Templar Knights buried ancient Christian relics on the island. Stevenson had been working from an old masonic cipher, which he said provided a sort of map to the relics buried on the island.

What’s more, Stevenson said that he had deciphered the symbols and that they should go dig 40 feet down at a particular spot on the eastern side of the island. Surveyor Steve Guptill pointed out that Stevenson’s coordinates corresponded with a spot from the 1988 Barringer Survey, which had indicated precious metals.

As it was only 40 feet down, the team thought, why not have a quick look. Unfortunately, they found absolutely nothing. Still, it was a nice idea.

The end of the season is rapidly closing in; let’s hope the guys can see off the year with one more big find!

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

Jerry Brown

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