The Curse of Oak Island preview: Compelling new evidence suggests Duc D’Anville constructed the Money Pit

Close up of Rick Lagina at the Money Pit
Rick Lagina and the team keep gathering more and more evidence. Pic credit: History

On The Curse of Oak Island this week, the team explores the adventures of French Admiral Duc D’Anville and examines new evidence that suggests he may have built the Money Pit on the orders of France’s King Louis XV.

Also, on the show, digging continues at the Money Pit as the team sends another camera down below the surface on the hunt for a tunnel.

This will be the 5th Episode in Season 10 tonight, and it looks like tonight’s show may be heavy on the theory side.

The episode is called Duc it Out, which is likely a reference to the fabulously named French adventurer Admiral Jean-Baptiste Louis Frédéric de La Rochefoucauld de Roye, Duc D’Anville. He’s known simply as Duc D’Anville for short.

The Duc D’Anville led an armada of French ships in the 1740s to the east coast of Canada, where they attempted to make warfare with the British to claim the area for France.

The team has long suspected that Duc D’Anville made at least one trip to Oak Island and may have deposited a large quantity of treasure within the Money Pit.

A recent trip to the National Archives in London, UK, also confirmed that the Duc had been in the area of Oak Island longer than the guys had realized.

Oak Island theorist claims French admiral built the Money Pit

In tonight’s episode, Oak Island theorist Corjan Mol is back, and he seemingly has some new compelling evidence proving that Duc D’Anville was sent to Oak Island.

In a preview, Corjan can be overheard stating that King Louis XV specifically sent two ships to the island in 1746, “where they later created the Money Pit.”

Regular viewers will know Corjan has been the chief proponent of the theory that the Templar Knights created the Money Pit and buried ancient Christian relics, such as the Ark of the Covenant, on the island. Perhaps, some new evidence has led him to change his mind.

The History Channel episode synopsis reads:

“The discovery of mysterious ship logs provides more evidence suggesting a 1746 armada led by Duc D’Anville landed on Oak Island. At the Money Pit, the team gets closer to getting a team member underground.”

A camera goes underground at the Oak Island Money Pit

As eluded to in the synopsis above, tonight’s episode won’t be all theory. The Dumas mining company is making progress on excavating and stabilizing the Garden Shaft, and the guys will continue their borehole drilling.

The team will have another opportunity tonight to get a camera underground, and judging by a preview; it seems as though they’ve found a tunnel, which Rick Lagina thinks could lead to the treasure.

Rick states, “Is it possible that this tunnel could lead to finding the treasure? The answer is unequivocally yes.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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1 year ago

Maybe they’ll find multiple ox shoes

Joe Scales
Joe Scales
1 year ago

The evidence is not “compelling”. It is fraudulent:

Please take the time to uncover the lies this television show submits us to each and every week. Their misreading of historical documents brings to mind fake historians such as David Irving. Right out of his playbook.

1 year ago

The year 1746 is also the year the Jacobite cause was squashed. Could the gold on Oak Island be the gold that was supposed to be delivered to Charles Stewart? Is there correspondence bt the king and the duc that might shed light on this?

Joe Scales
Joe Scales
1 year ago

There’s no treasure. This show dishonestly edits the letter in question to make it appear there’s a treasure source, taking bits and pieces of the note completely out of context.