The Curse of Oak Island: Drone footage shows Season 5 dig under way at Money Pit

A shaft beside the Money Pit and, left, Borehole 10X. Inset, Rick and Marty Lagina

New drone footage has captured the dig for Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island under way.

The YouTube video, which was filmed at the start of this month, shows footage from the drone approaching the island then flying over it before taking bird’s-eye-view shots of the area around the Money Pit and Borehole 10X.

We told last month how vast amounts of equipment were seen arriving on the island, including large amounts of steel piping. Photos taken from the mainland also showed cranes working on the island.

The images captured by the drone, which were taken just a few days later by YouTube user Jam, show the cranes from above as they add the piping to a new shaft, with an area nearby circled by red paint on the ground. More piping lies nearby ready to be added. Some equipment also appears to be set up around Borehole 10X.

Oak Island seen from a drone
A still from the drone’s footage as it approaches Oak Island
The Money Pit and Borehole 10 X from above
The new shaft, the area circled by red paint on the ground, and Borehole 10 X
The Money Pit and Borehole 10X from the air
The same area but from a different angle, this time with Borehole 10X on the right

It has already been revealed that Season 5 sees the Lagina brothers Marty and Rick uncover some big finds — including a pirate’s chest and three keys for other chests.

But could there be more surprises in store?

The Curse of Oak Island premieres November 7 on History.

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