Talking Dead will host a preview episode on all The Walking Dead spinoffs

Norman Reedus on the red carpet
Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon in both The Walking Dead and a new spinoff series. Pic credit: AMC

With so many spinoff shows coming up in The Walking Dead universe, it’s easy to get them mixed up.

Tales of The Walking Dead is the first to air on August 14. It is an anthology series that introduces new characters and their self-contained stories in each episode, of which you can read my review of three of the episodes here.

Isle of the Dead will feature Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in New York City. It is currently filming and is expected to drop to AMC and AMC+ in 2023.

Also coming up is a Daryl Dixon spinoff that will see this character heading to Europe.

It is likely he will somehow be mixed up with the fast zombies that are featured in the cut scene at the end of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. “Smart” walkers were also teased in the Season 11 trailer for The Walking Dead, so both of these may be interlinked.

On top of that, at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC announced that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) would be returning in a six-episode limited series that will also air in 2023.

Talking Dead will air preview episode

With all of these new shows coming up, Talking Dead recently announced it would be hosting a special preview episode covering all the new things within The Walking Dead universe.

The episode will air on August 7. This is one week before Tales of The Walking Dead airs so it will likely be the start of the season for Talking Dead and will probably follow the show’s regular format.

Shared on their official Twitter account, Talking Dead promised to tease “all the upcoming #TWDU spinoffs — Maggie & Negan, Rick & Michonne AND Daryl’s.”

While Tales of The Walking Dead wasn’t included in the line-up, it is certain that the show will discuss this new series as the line-up of guests also includes three people starring in it.

The Walking Dead Universe guests announced

According to the Twitter post, The Walking Dead universe chief content officer, Scott M. Gimple, will be there. TWD director Michael Satrazemis will also be one of the guests.

Joining them will be three cast members from Tales of The Walking Dead, Terry Crews, Jillian Bell, and Anthony Edwards.

Terry Crews stars as Joe in Episode 1 of Tales of The Walking Dead. This character is totally prepared for the end of the world but not at all prepared for interacting with Evie, a survivor he meets along the way.

Jillian Bell stars in Episode 2 as Gina, an office employee who hates her boss but winds up stuck with her as the outbreak worsens.

Finally, Anthony Edwards stars as Dr. Everett in Episode 4 of Tales of The Walking Dead. He is a scientist who is studying the undead but gets stuck with a human instead.

Talking Dead also requested that fans of The Walking Dead post any questions they have to the comments section of their Twitter post and they just may get answered when the episode airs.

The Talking Dead preview episode will air on Sunday, August 7 on AMC.

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