Talking Dead will host a preview episode on all The Walking Dead spinoffs

With so many spinoff shows coming up in The Walking Dead universe, it’s easy to get them mixed up. Tales of The Walking Dead is the first to air on August 14. It is an anthology series that introduces new characters and their self-contained stories in each episode, of which you can read my review


How many episodes are in Season 10 of The Walking Dead?

Season 10 of The Walking Dead is just about midway through its second half on AMC. The show returned a few weeks ago from its winter hiatus to roll out the episodes that have been filmed for 10b on the network. The good news is that production has already been completed for the current season,


Talking Dead canceled: AMC has some bad news for fans

Talking Dead’s presentation of Season 9, Episode 12 has been canceled. Sunday night was supposed to see Tom Payne (he played Jesus) and two surprise cast members appear on the couch with host Chris Hardwick. We have some spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 12 that might give an indication of who would


Carl from The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs appears on Talking Dead

Carl from The Walking Dead appeared on the Sunday night episode of Talking Dead. Actor Chandler Riggs was on hand to talk about what happened during the latest episode of The Walking Dead. As we reported, the episode called Open Your Eyes was going to be a memorable one for viewers. That’s the reason that