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Tales of The Walking Dead review: New series goes where the original series never did

Anthony Edwards stars as Dr. Everett in Episode 4 of Tales of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1
Anthony Edwards stars as Dr. Everett in Episode 4 of Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1. Pic credit: AMC

It seems that every time you turn around, there is a new spinoff series set within The Walking Dead universe.

Already, the franchise has released The Walking Dead: World Beyond as a limited series and Fear the Walking Dead, a spinoff that is heading into its eighth season.

Added to the mix is an upcoming Daryl Dixon series set in Europe and, potentially, dealing with fast zombies. Negan and Maggie will also be escaping to New York City in an upcoming spinoff called Isle of the Dead, which is currently filming.

At San Diego Comic-Con, AMC also announced that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) will return with a spinoff show that will be replacing the original concept of a trio of movies.

Tales of The Walking Dead is the next in line and is set to premiere on August 14.

This series will be an anthology series that takes a look into entirely new characters week to week. Although, the series will also be taking a deep dive into an already known character in The Walking Dead, with the inclusion of Alpha’s (Samantha Morton) backstory.

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  1. I’m hoping for some real in depth science fiction on the cause of the virus and what research is being done to combat it. Please no more of the never ending good guys vs bad guys shoot outs.

    • Unfortunately, the franchise doesn’t seem to keen to visit the origin of why this all happened but, yes, I would love to see more of that too.


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