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Sweet Tooth Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Netflix releases new poster for Sweet Tooth ahead of release
Sweet Tooth on Netflix. Pic credit: DCComics/Twitter

Sweet Tooth, a post-apocalyptic story based on a comic book series by Jeff Lemire, hit Netflix.

The story takes place after a virus sweeps through the world, killing millions, and leaving the survivors searching for answers.

Simultaneously, hybrid children are born, each half human and half animal. Most of these children end up abandoned, with hunters known as the Last Men blaming them for the virus and killing them.

One of these hybrids is Gus, who gets the nickname, Sweet Tooth. He can speak and received an education from his “father” before setting off on a journey to find his fate in life.

The first season ended with a cliffhanger and viewers wanting more.

Here is everything we know so far about Sweet Tooth Season 2.

This article provides everything that is known about Sweet Tooth Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Sweet Tooth?

Netflix always takes time before announcing renewals for its shows. Even when a series starts well, Netflix will still cancel it if the show doesn’t continue to trend upward for its first month.

Jupiter’s Legacy was a victim to that last month.

Since Sweet Tooth is only two weeks old, there probably won’t be any news until at least the end of June or early July.

We will update this article when Netflix makes Sweet Tooth’s fate official.

Release date latest: When does Sweet Tooth Season 2 come out?

Netflix and the Sweet Tooth production team have said nothing about a second season yet.

The producers surely have a plan for more considering how Season 1 concluded.

The first season only comprised a small portion of the comic book storyline, so there are at least two more seasons worth of story to tell.

When, and if, Netflix renews Sweet Tooth for a Season 2, we will update this page with all news on the new season.

Don’t expect Sweet Tooth Season 2 any sooner than 2022.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 cast updates

With Sweet Tooth based on comics, we know who should be back for a Season 2.

Christian Convery will be back as Gus. He is the lead character of the series, the deer/human hybrid nicknamed Sweet Tooth.

Nonso Anozie will return as Tommy Jepperd, the former football star tasked with keeping Gus safe. In the comics, Tommy betrayed Gus, but the Netflix series was smart enough to change that and keep Gus a loyal companion.

Adeel Akhtar will be back as Dr. Singh, a character who received a much larger backstory and became sympathetic. With the new backstory, expect Aliza Vellani to return as his wife, Rani Singh.

Dania Ramirez will be back as Aimee. She is new to the Sweet Tooth story and wasn’t in the comics. She is the former therapist who started a sanctuary for hybrids at the local zoo.

Stefania LaVie Owen returns as Bear, the young girl who leads a group of hybrid protectors.

Finally, Neil Sandilands will return as General Steven Abbot, the man who leads the Last Men and brings hybrid children to Dr. Akhtar to experiment on as they look for a cure.

James Brolin should also return as Sweet Tooth’s narrator.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 spoilers

There were some major changes to the story from the Sweet Tooth comics. In the books, Tommy only took in Gus to help because he was hired to bring back a hybrid to get his wife’s remains returned to him.

In the show, Tommy still has the backstory with his wife and child, but he was honest with Tommy, and the only reason the Last Men captured Gus was that Tommy was seriously injured.

General Abbot took control of the preserve that Aimee once controlled, and he brought in Dr. Singh to help find a cure for the disease that wiped out humanity.

Sadly, Singh learned he had to experiment on and, in many cases, kill and dissect the hybrid children. However, when Abbot brought Gus to Singh, everything changed when the boy spoke to him.

Meanwhile, Aimee helped nurse Tommy back to health, and the two headed to the preserve to save Gus and the other hybrid children. Aimee said they were going to get the kids back.

For comic fans, this likely means that Tommy and Aimee will save the kids, and then Dr. Singh will follow them as he tries to continue to figure out the truth about the disease.

There was also a big twist at the end, as Gus’ “mother” is alive and trying to find a cure herself. Plus, she is speaking to Bear.

Netflix has yet to announce when Sweet Tooth Season 2 will premiere.