Southern Charm Season 6: When will the show return and what can we expect?

Southern Charm
Southern Charm season 6 is currently in production, but when will it air? Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm season 5 ended on July 30 but fans are already looking forward to a brand new season of the show. After the show wrapped filming, the drama continued to unfold in Charleston, South Carolina with a breakup, an arrest, and a possible jail term. So, when can fans expect to get caught up with the gang from Charleston?

Given the premiere dates over the past years, fans should expect Southern Charm season 6 to premiere sometime in March or April 2019. The gang is currently preparing to head back to a full-time filming schedule, but given the drama surrounding Thomas Ranvel, it’s possible the camera crew is already back in South Carolina to capture the outcome of rape accusations against Thomas.

When fans left the stars behind, Ravenel was still dating Ashley Jacobs. A source told E! News that Ashley is “standing by Thomas,” just days after the star was arrested for alleged assault and battery of the second degree. She supports him and despite breaking up, the two were rumored to be back together. In fact, there were rumors that the two could have gotten engaged after a brief breakup.

The new season could be filming already, but one person will be missing from the cast. Thomas Ravenel has been fired from Southern Charm with Bravo releasing a statement, saying that he isn’t invited back for season 6 of Southern Charm.

Before Bravo issued their statement after his arrest, Thomas did reveal on Twitter that he had no desire to return to the show, claiming that he didn’t like how Bravo had the right to fictionalize his story.

“I’m not doing the show anymore. In the contract, they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back,” he wrote on Twitter.

But just because Ravenel isn’t returning doesn’t mean fans are done with Ashley. Even though viewers hated how she attacked Kathryn Dennis for her role in her children’s lives, Jacobs wants a second chance. Ashley Jacobs has revealed that she wants a redemption story on Bravo, showing the Southern Charm viewers that she’s sorry about her behavior.

As for Kathryn, she’s focusing on her children after Thomas’ arrest. She revealed that the children are staying with her and she’s focusing on the positive aspects of her life after her ex-boyfriend Ravenel was arrested.

But it sounds like the Southern Charm cast looks forward to a season 6 without Ravenel. Sources have revealed that the stars are tired of his drama.

“They’re relieved not to have to deal with Thomas on the show anymore. Thomas was a friend at first, but that changed over the years as layers and layers of his lies and manipulation were exposed.”

“What he did to Kathryn was horrible, but the allegations from his nanny became the last straw,” a source has revealed to People magazine about the cast members filming the newest season of the show.

Southern Charm season 6 has been approved by Bravo but fans will have to wait until the spring to see what the gang has been up to.

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